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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Bell 3756

3756. John Stackhouse {England}

1638, John born in Yorkshire, England, s/o 7512. Thomas Stackhouse.
1642, [wife] born in Yorkshire, England.
1651, “Thomas Stackhouse and John Stackhouse v William Husband: money matters, Yorks.” (S) UK National Archives.
1670, John died in Yorkshire, England.
(S) William R. Stackhouse & Powell Stackhouse, Jr. A Historical Sketch of the First Ancestors of the Stackhouse Family in America. Seattle Press 1907.

Children of John and ?:

i. Thomas Stackhouse ( 1878), born 1661 in Yorkshire, England.
[Birth date and location from his marriage record of Middletown Society of Friends in PA.]

ii. John Stackhouse, born aft. 1661 in England.
1685, John was with his brother Thomas in PA.
John was a Friend’s Preacher. (S) John Fothergill’s Journal, “A Retrospect of Early Quakerism”, by Ezra Michner, P163. (S) WRS 1907, P11.
7/13/1693, John & Thomas Stackhouse of Middletown Township, taxes collected on property.
1/10/1695, John acquired 200 acres on Neshamineh Creek. (S) WRS, P50.
1702 Tax list of Middletown township, John with 312 acres. (S) WRS, P51.
7/1702, John married Elizabeth Pearson [Pierson], d/o Thomas and Grace Veepon.
1703, John conveyed lands to Joseph Ward. (S) WRS, P52.
9/26/1705, John left 1 shilling in the will of his “brother” Thomas (s/o No. 7512).
1715, John conveyed lands to his brother Thomas. (S) WRS, P52.
6/10/1716, “Jeremiah Bartholomew and Ellin Cutler intend to marry, and the said Ellin being Executrix to William Cutler, deceased, this meeting appoints Robert Heaton and John Stackhouse to see that matter settled.” (S) W&W, Middletown Men’s Minutes, P255.
1727, John applied to the Quaterly Meeting of Ministers and Elders. (S) WRS, P50.
7/25/1730, John and his brother Thomas witnessed the will of Joseph Growden. (S) WRS, P43.
8/16/1735, John witnessed the wedding of John White. (S) WRS, P53.
6/21/1743, Elizabeth died.
1745, John Smith heard John speak at a meeting in Philadelphia. (S) WRS, P50.
10/24/1747, John witnessed the wedding of John Harding. (S) WRS, P53.
10/26/1752, John witnessed the wedding of Samuel Twining. (S) WRS, P53.
12/23/1756, John wrote his will; proved 2/22/1757.
2/9/1757, John died, buried at Middletown, PA.
Children: (S) WRS 1907, P49.
Thomas Stackhouse, born 1/29/1706.
John Stackhouse, born 3/11/1708.
Margaret Stackhouse, born 8/6/1714.
She married John Mitchell.
Samuel Stackhouse, born 10/6/1716.
James Stackhouse, born 1/10/1718.
Elizabeth Stackhouse.
She married ? Tomlinson.
Grace Stackhouse, born 7/27/1720.
1745, she married Edward Stevenson.
Sarah Stackhouse, born 7/21/1726.
(S) The History Of Bucks County, PA, Chapter XI, Middletown, 1692; from the discovery of the Delaware to the present time by W. W. H. Davis, A.M., 1876 and 1905 editions.

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