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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Bell 3922 & 3923

3922. Sampson Shotton & 3923. Alice ? {… VA}

~1600, Sampson born in Cropston, co. Liecester, England;, s/o 7844. Thomas Shotton & 7845. Mary ?.
Sampson probably 1st traveled to MA, the origin of most of the settlers of RI.
“Samson” resided in Mount Wollaston , Newport, RI.
10/21/1631, Samson left items in his father’s will, which he acknowledged receipt of in 1638.
1638, “Be it knowne unto all men by these presents that I Samson Shotton of Mount Wollaston in New England, planter, doe hereby acknowledge that I have received of my brother Anthony Shotton of Cropston in the county of Leicester, yorman, the summe of fower score and tenne pounds of lawfull money of England, biven and bequesthed unto me as a legacy by the last will & testament of Thomas Shotton late of Cropston aforesaid, our father, deceased, and thereof and of every parte thereof I doe hereby remise, release, and for ever quitt clayme the sayd Anthony Shotton, his heires, executors and administrators, And also I doe remise, release and for ever quitt clayme unto the said Anthony Shotton all and all manner of accons, suits, debts, judgments, statutes, recognizances, trespasses and demands whatsoever, that I have or may have against him or them for any cause, matter or thing whatsoever from the beginning of the world to this present day, In witness whereof I have hereunto set my had & seale the twentie second day of October, in the foureteenth yearre of the raigne of our soveraigne Lord Charles King of England Scotland France & Ireland &c. Annoq. Dni. 1638. In prsencia, Thome Savage, Johis Moore, & mei Tho. L. [Shotton & Shotton 8d.]” (S) Note-book Kept by Thomas Lechford, Esq., Lawyer, in Boston, Massachusetts, 1885, P16.
1639, Sampson is “one of the anti-Coddington party”, also known as the Groton party, that moved from their lands in a disagreement over their rights. (S) History of New England, 1899, P121.
1640, Samson a “freeman” of the colony – with all rights and priviledges.
1/1642 in founding Warwick – Myantonomey to Randall Houldon, &c Myaptanamy Chefe sachim of the Nanheygansett have sold unto the persons heare Named one percell of Lands..Lyinge upon the West side of ...the sea Called Sohomes Bay from Copassuetuxet over against A Litle Iland in the sayd Bay beinge the north Bounds, and the outmost point of that Neck. ...called Shawhomett, beinge the South bounds from the sea shore of Each Boundery, Upon a strait lineWestward Twenty Miles,...the proportion...accordinge to the map under written...being the forme of it, unto Randall Houldon, …, Samson Shotton, … For one hundred and forty 4 fathom of Wampum peage..twelfth day of January 1642. (S) Collections of the Rhode Island Historical Society, 1827, P254. [This began the 4th town of the colony.]
3/16/1642, “It is ordered, that Rochard Carder, Randall Holden, Samson Shotton and Robert Potter, be disfranchised of the privileges and prerogatives belonging to the body of theis State, and that their names be cancelled out of the record.” (S) Collections of the RI Hist. Soc., 1827, P87. [On the following day the men were ordered to make “sureties” for their behavior. A lengthy reading of the above document details the problems were associated with the purchase of land in 1642. They wanted to maintain subjection to the King, while the others of the colony did not.]
By 12/1667, Samson had died. (S) His daughter had inherited his lands.
... Can not finde that yc said Samson Shotton made any will but ... vnder the hand of Alice ye late widdow to ye said Samson Shotton and Mother to yc said ... (S) Early records of the Town of Portsmouth, 1901, P408.

Child of Samson and Alice:

i. Rachel Shotton ( 1961), born ~1640 in New England [RI].

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