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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Sir John Sayvile & Elizabeth Paxton

46160. Sir John Sayvile & 46161. Elizabeth Paxton    

~1460, John born in Yorkshire, England, s/o 92320. John Saville & 92321. Jane Harrington.

1472, Elizabeth born in Norfolk, England, d/o 92322. William Paxton & 92323. Anne Beaufort. [Anne Beaufort a cousin of the mother of future King Henry VII.]

[––John & Alice––]

John married 1st Alice Vernon, d/o William. [No children, (S) John’s inquisition.]

By 1479, John’s father died.

1481, John knighted by the Duke of Gloucester [future King Richard III] during the Scottish campaign.

10/14/1481, At court the following were identified as free tenants of Cawthorne: George Talbot, Earl of Shrewsbury, … Sir John Sayvile, … (S) A Hist. of Cawthorne, Pratt, 1882, P22.

1482, John with the Duke of Gloucester at the siege of Berwick.

9/23/1481, John and his grandfather were commissioned to enquire whether William Wowean of Wakefield was an idiot.

1482, John attended Richard, Duke of Gloucester, on his invasion of Scotland when Berwick on Tweed was captured.

8/22/1482, John created a knight banneret by Richard, Duke of Gloucester [future King Richard III].

1/5/1484, Indentured agreement between Sir John Savile and his uncle William Savile that in consideration of William making John a lawful estate in the moiety of the manor of Hundisworth (Hunsworth, Yk), John will give William a life estate in other lands belonging to him in Yorkshire and Lincolnshire to the value of £10.00 per annum and pay £15.00 arrears. (S) UKNA.

7/6/1483, John attended the coronation of Richard III.

2/11/1484, John, lieutenant and captain of the Isle of Wight for life; receiving all profits from the island, £200 annually, and the right to appoint offices. [John insulted the king by requesting he carry out the appointment through a deputy and was placed under a 5000 mark bond.]

8/22/1485, Henry VII succeeded Richard III as King of England.

9/1485, John JOP for West Riding.

11/5/1485, John, made High Sheriff of Yorkshire; relieved of his duty on the Isle of Wight, and reinstated as Constable of Sandal Castle [near the family home of Thornhill.]

11/29/1485, John created Feodary of the honor of Pontefract.

[––John & Elizabeth––]

By 1486, John married Elizabeth.

3/4/1486, John created Steward of the Lordship of Bradford.

11/19/1486, “… Sir John Sayvile, knt., had been appointed by King Richard, “late, in dede and not in righte, ‘king of England,’ lieutenant and captain of the Isle of Wight, with power to ordain and depute under him all mannor of officers there … and has not had payment thereof …” (S) Materials for a Hist. of the Reign of Henry VII, 1873, P167.

1487, During the rebellion of the Earl of Lincoln, John appointed by King Henry to defend the city of York.

1487, John made a Knight of the Body of King Henry VII.

11/1487, John present at the coronation of Elizabeth Woodville.

1490, John accused of malpractice by teneants in the Wakefield area.

10/17/1491 at Parliament. ‘… Eleanor (184679), late duchess of Somerset, Robert Spencer, knight, and Eleanor (92339) his wife, countess of Wiltshire, another of the daughters of the said duchess, Mary, Countess Rivers, daughter of Elizabeth, another daughter of the said duchess, Thomas Burgh, knight, and Edward Burgh, knight, son of Margaret, another of the daughters of the said duchess, William Paston esquire, Agnes Paston, Elizabeth Paston (46161), daughters of Anne (92323), another of the daughters of the said duchess, and Richard Frye esquire, and Jane his wife, another daughter of the same duchess, and to the heirs of each of them, … (S) Parliamentary Rolls, 2005.

1492, By deed, John “knt.” is called “Dominus de Barsland”, and grants part of the “waste”, reserving an annual rent to himself and heirs, suit to his court in Barksland, and mill in Northland; held under the lord of Wakefield. (S) A Concise History … Halifax, … York, Crabtree, 1836, P458. [This property was late granted by inquisition to be seized by son Henry “in fee tail” and continued to be held by his heirs.]

1495, John on the commission of array for West Riding.

6/20/1497, John Sayvell, knight, in an indented charter with Thomas, earl of Surrey, … to the use of the said John Sayvell, knight, and Elizabeth his wife … (S) IPM of John.

Bef. 11/28/1496, William paston, father of Elizabeth died: A letter from the Lady Margaret, Mother to King Henry VII: “By the king’s moder.–Trusty and right webeloved, we greet you well. … there was a full agreement made & concluded, & also put in writinge, between or trusty and right welbeloved Sr John Savile, Knt, and Gilbert Talbot, Esquire, … they ought to have in the right of their wives, daughters and heyers to William paston, Esqr, their late fader, deceassed, …” (S) Norfolk Archaeology, V4, 1855.

6/1/1501, Recognizances to the king for £200 each, … John Seymour, John Savyll, … (S) CCRs.

11/1501, Sir John Sayvile named as one of the knights to be at “saynt George” where Catherine of Aragon [future wife of Henry VIII], would be arriving and would meet the lord of York, the King’s 2nd son. (S) Letters and Papers, … Reigns of Richard III and Henry VII.

6/1502, John removed from his offices of Wakefield, Pontefract, and Bradford.

3/30/1503, John Savell, knight, wrote his will:  I Sir John Sayvell, Knight. Soul to God, body to be buried in church of Thornhill, debts to be paid. Whereas by indenture between William Calverley, the elder, now deceased and me, of the marriage of Sir William Calverley, the elder, his son and Alice my sister, … Immediately after my decease my feoffees, viz. …, shall make a lease of all such lands and advowsons and chantries, to take such profits of, to my son Henry or to such as there happen to be next heir, if he or they be at the age of 20 years, … Provided that the said lease be not prejudicial to my wife in such lands as her jointure or to any other grant by me made in this my last will; … I will that my feoffees sell the lordship of Thornhill with the advowson and lands to the yearly value of £100 to the King of England for the time being … if his higness refuse to buy it, then my executors to sell it at their pleasure …. Provided if my son Henry or other issue of my body, be within the age of 20 years at the time of my decease, then my feoffees shall suffer my executors to take the whole profits of my lands during the nonage of my said heir, my wife's jointure excepted, and if the said profits shall content the King's grace 1,000 marks, so that his highness suffer my lady his mother, …, or such of them as shall be then living, to have the ward, marriage and governance of my said son and heir; … executors to suffer wife to have all her apparel and all such goods as was her father's, and over that of my goods to the value of 100 marks in such stuff as she think convenient, …; my house to be kept as it is at my costs 20 weeks after my decease; … on coming to his age of 16 son to have £100 yearly for his finding, if the King suffer him to be married by such as I have assigned before, and that he be in such place as he may go to school till he be 14 years old and it at the discretion of them that have the ordering of him as is aforesaid, and if it be a daughter or daughters it to be disposed by my executors and if or they (to have) nothing at the age of 20 years but my lands and the £20 to their finding as is aforesaid, the £1000 aforesaid received, anything behind to be received after she or they be 20 after the some of £100 a year, as above. … (S) Cal. of State Papers. Inq. p.m. Hen. VII, vol. ii, p. 511, No. 803. (S) CIsPM.

3/20/1504, a Palm Sunday, John died.

[Undated] IPM of John Savell, knight: “great grandfather Thomas Sayvile”. “Henry Sayvile, esq., son and next heir of the said Sir John, and kinsman … 22 years old and upwards.” “Mar. 1st, Alice, daughter of William Vernon, Esq. died s.p. mar. 2ly, Elizabeth, daughter of Sir William Paston, Knt., by Jane daughter and coheiress of Edmund Beaufort, Duke of Somerset who was slain at the battle of St. Albans, 1455, and cousin german to the Countess of Richmond, mother of King Henry VII.” York: manors of hornhill, Tankyrsley, Eland, Hundesworth, Golker, Spen. (S) Parliamentary papers, House of Commons, 1878, P545.


1504-05, “Grant by Elizabeth Savile, widow of John Sayvile, knight, to William Gascoign, knight and others of all her manors, messuages, … etc of which she is seised … in Wodnorton', …  county of Norfolk and all her manor, lands, tenements etc etc in Orkesley, … county of Essex, and … counties of Berkshire, Devonshire Cornwall and Somerset and elsewhere in England, and also … cities of Norwich and London, to hold to the use of Elizabeth for life and then to the use of Henry Savile Esq her son in tail, with the remainder failing issue of Henry to the right heirs of Elizabeth.” (S) UKNA.

Elizabeth married 2nd Richard Hastings.

Elizabeth married 3rd Edward Poynings.

Elizabeth married 4th Robert Gargrave.

7/1/1541, Elizabeth Savile [she kept her 1st married name] wrote her will. Called Elizabeth Savile of Tankersley, widow. “To be buried in the Lady quire in Thornhill church. To Edward and Dorithie, children of my son Henry Savile, each a spoon. To my daughter, Lady Anne Thwaites, my daughter, Lady Elizabeth Conyers, each a goblet. To Margaret Wortley a goblet. To Chris­topher Conyers, son of Sir Christopher Conyers, knt., 2 silver salts. To William and Isabell Thwaites, children of the aforesaid Anne, to Michaell and Frances Sotehill, children of the aforesaid Elizabeth Conyers, each a spoon. To Elizabeth Lacie, wife of Richard Lacie, a spoon and a pair of beads. To Katherine Thwaites, daughter of Lady Anne, a pair of coral beads. To Richard Lacie and Henrie Thwaites, sons of the Lady Anne, each a spoon. All other goods to Isabell Thwaites and Frances Sotehill equally. The Lord Talbote, Earl of Shrewsbury, and Henry Savile, knt., super­visors.” Proved 12 Jan., 1541-2, by Lady Elizabeth Conyers, Lady Anne Thwaites, the other executrix, renouncing. (S) Reg. Test., xi, 591.

Child of John and Elizabeth:

i. Henry Saville (23080), born 1486-90 in England.

ii. Anne Savile, born ? in England.

Anne married Sir Henry Thwaites, of Lund.

iii. Elizabeth Savile, born ? in England.

7/18/1519, Elizabeth married Sir Thomas Conyers, of Sockburn, Knt.; [died 1520].

Elizabeth married Thomas Sothill, esq. [Likely related to Henry’s wife.]

iv. Margaret Savile, born ? in England.

Margaret 1st married Thomas Wortley, of Wortley, Esq.

1522, Margaret married Richard Corbet.