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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Bell 5748

5748. Edward Grendon {England, VA}

~1570, Edward born in England.
By 1616, Edward was a planter in VA. [Later named an Ancient Planter, he had to have arrived before 1616, and paid for his own passage.]
12/5/1620, Edward received land as an “ancient planter”. The land was known as “Old Fort” and “Grendon’s Hill”, now in Surry Co. opposite James City. Edward also owned land on James Island.
3/22/1622, Edward survived the Jamestown massacre by the Indians. 347 people, almost one-third of the English population of Jamestown, were killed by a coordinated series of surprise attacks of the Powhatan Confederacy under Chief Opechancanough.
2/16/1623, Edward named in the “List of Living” after the Indian uprising.
1624, Edward represented the “Plantations over the Water” in the General Assembly. “Archaeological site 44JC802 was located atop an 85 foot bluff overlooking the James River in James City County, Virginia, approximately five miles east of Jamestown … an approximately 400 acre tract, appears to have been in the possession of Edward Grendon.”
1626, Edward in a list “Hotten” as owning 150 acres at Tappahanna against James City.
2/7/1627, “Mistress Grendon” is mentioned in records.
7/4/1627, Edward named 2nd in command to Capt. West to go against the Tappahannaes Indians.
1628, Edward represented Shirley in the General Assembly.
Bef. 12/9/1628, Edward died. (S) Will proved [the will has been lost.] Edward left 650 acres to Thomas Grendon, his “heir in England”.
(S) AP&P.

Family notes:
• Grendon also appears in records as “Grindall” and “Grindon”.

Child of Edward and ?:

i. Thomas Grendon ( 2874), born ~1600 in England.

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