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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Bell 5770 & 5771

5770. Hon. John Lord Savile & 5771. Elizabeth Carey {England}

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~1550, John born in Leeds, England, s/o 11540. Robert Savile & 11541. Anne Hussey.

Aft. 1570, Elizabeth born in England, d/o 11542. Edward Carey & 11543. Katherine Knevet. (S) Walks in Yorkshire; Wakefield and Its Neighbourhood, 1871, Banks, P526.

John 1st married Catherine Willoughby de Parnham. [No known children.]

1585, John living at Doddington, co. Lincoln.

1586, John bought Doddington from Thomas, 5th Lord Burgh.

1586, John succeeded his father and entered Parliament as a member from Lincoln.

11/20/1586, John married Elizabeth, continuing to live in Lincolnshire in the community of Pullam. (S) The Tragedy of Mariam, by Elizabeth Cary, 1994, P51.

5/27/1591, “Articles of Agreement between Sir George Savile, of Heath, co York, knt, and John Savile, of Howley, in the said county, Esq.” (S) UK National Archives, Savile of Rufford.

John purchased Manor of Doddington for £5000 from Thomas, Lord Burg of Gainsborough.

John started building Howley Hall, co. York, where he lived until he died.

1590, John finished building on Howley. John and his father had spent a total of £30,000 on the manor. (S) The Gentry of England and Wales, Heal, 1994, P137. [His son Thomas added to it later.]

9/13/1591, John had his son Thomas christened in Doddington.

1593, John sold Doddington to Thomas Tailor.

John High Steward of the Honour of Pontefract, Master of the Rolls for the West Riding.

10/3/1597, John elected knight of the shire of co. York.

1600, John Sheriff of Lincoln.

4/3/1601, “Wakefield. Court of John Savile of Howley and Edward Cary”. (S) UK National Archives.

While the famous painter Rubens was visiting John he painted a view of the town of Pontefract. [Apparently housed in the Banqueting Hall, London, and destroyed in a fire.]

11/7/1605, “Geffrey Richard and others to Sir John Savile. Gillcarr in Altofts.” (S) UK National Archives.

4/28/1610, “Lease for 80 years – Between Henry Savile, son and heir of the Right Worshipful Sir John Savile of Howley, knight, and Elionor his wife, of the one part, and Thomas Purdew of Howley, Gent, …” (S) UK National Archives, Deeds, Yorkshire, Headingley.

9/23/1612, “Bargain and Sale – From Sir John Savile of Howley to William Marshall of Idle clothier, of a moiety of the fourth part of Idle Hall and appurtenances …” (S) UK National Archives, Deeds, Idle.

12/29/1613, Sir John and Henry his son conveyed about 280 acres called Hollyn park to John Drake for £150. (S) Continuation and Additions to the History of Bradford, 1841, James, P280.

1614, John elected knight of the shire of co. York. At Parliament he distinguished himself by opposing the King.

1615, John removed from office.

1/19/1623, John elected knight of the shire of co. York; as was his son Thomas.

1/16/1625, John elected knight of the shire of co. York.

1626, John the first Alderman [Mayor] of Leeds when it was incorporated. The town adopted his arms – a sheep – appropriate for a clothing town.

12/1626, John put on a Parliament commission to investigate the Navy.

4/1627, John named as Comptroller of King Charles’ household. [He held this office until he died.]

7/1627, John appointed receiver of the revenues from recusants in the north.

7/21/1628 in Pontefract, John created Baron Savile of Pontefract by King Charles I.

8/31/1630, John, died.

9/14/1630, John buried at Batley Church, Yorkshire. [A monument was erected there for him by his daughter Anne Leigh.]

(S) Encyclopedia of Virginia Biography, V1, P192. (S) Old Yorkshire, William Smith, 1890, P175. (S) Walks in Yorkshire; Wakefield and Its Neighbourhood, 1871, Banks, P526. (S) Dictionary of National Biography, 1909, P861.

Children of John and Elizabeth:
[Other children by other wifes – sons: Henry, Edward, Robert, Edmund; daughters: Catheine, Anne, Elizabeth].

i. Thomas Savile, christened 9/13/1591 in Doddington Pigot.
Thomas married Frances Sondes, widow of Sir John Leveson.
1628, Thomas, Viscount of Savile of Castlebar.
Thomas married 2nd Lady Anne Villiers, d/o Earl Christopher.
1644, Thomas 2nd Baron & Earl of Sussex.
6/22/1645, Lord Thomas defended Howley hall during the revolution against the forces of Royalist Newcastle. [Newcastle laid siege and captured Howley.]
1652, Thomas died; buried at Howley.
Jamed, 2nd Earl.

ii. Ffrances Savile ( 2885), born 1604 in Howley Hall, England.
12/25/1650, Thomas Bradley preached at Winchester, when visiting his two sons at College, dedicated to his wife Francis, “daughter of John Lord Savile of Pontefract.”.

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