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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Bell 718 & 719

718. Thomas Bird & 719. Mary ? {Surrey Co. VA}

~1653, Thomas born in Surry Co., VA; s/o 1436. William Bird.
Thomas married Mary.
1672, Thomas inherited the Surrey Co. plantation and the mill his father had bought from Thomas Busby.
3/5/1674, Thomas was in possession of his father’s gristmill.
1674, “Mr. Thomas Byrd” has 2 tithables in Surrey Co., VA.
1675, Thomas forum in Benjamin Harrison’s district, Upper end of Southwark Parish.
1675 letter to “‘Capt Spencer: Sir, I would a come down to court but I an very sick and my child is sick, but God willing, if I am alive and abel I will come down next court and answer ye sute of Mr. Harrison, not else by rest yr friend to command.” /s/ “Thomas Byrd”. [Thomas had been fined for not attending Divine services on Sunday.]
1680, Thoms bought more land from Thomas Busby, 300 acres on the easterly side of a swamp being a branch of Upper Chip Oak Creek in Surry Co.
9/6/1681, Thomas signed a power of attorney to Ellis Osborn in “any business I have depending before his Majesty's Justices of the Peace for the County of Surry.”
1/21/1687, Thomas wrote his will.
Bef. 1/5/1688, Thomas died in Surrey Co. (S) Will proved.
1/5/1688, Mary married 2nd George Nicholson.
4/4/1720, by which George Nicholson and Mary, his wife, tenants during the life of said Mary in certain lands, and John Lanier and Elizabeth[daughter of Mary], his wife, and John Young and Tabitha [daughter of Mary], his wife, tenants of the reversion of the fee simple after the death of said Mary, convey the said lands situated at the head of Upper Choppkes Creek in James City County to William Blaikley, merchant of James City.
George died.
Aft. 5/17/1721, Mary died. (S) On this date she qualified as the Executrix of the will of George Nicholson.
(S) AP&P.

Children of Thomas and Mary:

i. Tabitha Bird ( 359), born ~1675 in VA.

ii. William Bird, born ~1680 in VA.
1/21/1687, William named as the eldest son in his father Thomas’ will. He was left 1 shilling.
William married Elizabeth Davis.
1704, William on the Quit rent rolls of Nansemond Co., VA.
6/16/1714, William a grant of 233 acres in Nansemond Co.
1/24/1717, William a grant of 338 acres in Nansemond Co.
7/9/1735, William sold 100 acres to John Walton in Nansemond Co.
James Bird, born ? in VA.
He married Mary ?.
John Bird, born ? in VA.
Barnabus Bird, born ? in VA.
He married Ann Melton.
William Bird Jr, born ? in VA.
He married Ann Bloomfield.

ii. Mary Bird, born ~1685 in Charles City Co., VA.
Never married.
Bef. 3/4/1728, Mary died.

iii. Elizabeth Bird, born ?.
~1703, Elizabeth married John Lanier.
4/4/1720–3/4/1728, John died.
3/4/1728, deed from Elizabeth Lanier (w/o John) conveyed to Richard Jones and his wife Tabitha, daughter of Thomas Bird, who by his will dated January 21, 1680, devised land to his three daughters, Mary, now deceased, and Elizabeth and Tabitha, 300 acres on the South Branch of Upper Chippokes Creek, Surry Co., VA.
Bef. 1730, Elizabeth married 2nd Thomas Clare.
Bird Thomas Lanier, born ~1706 in VA.
Lemuel Lanier, born ~1707 in VA.
1732, he married Hannah Peters.
Robert Lanier, born ~1709 in VA.
Benjamin Lanier, born ~1711 in VA.

v. Thomas Bird, born ?.
Bef. 2/8/1742, Thomas died in Bertie Co., NC. In his will he left no heirs.

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