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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Bell 7384 & 7385

7384. William Hudson & 7385. Alice Turner {England}

12/12/1560, William born in Tamworth, Staffordshire, England; s/o 14768. William Hudson.
5/6/1560, Alice born in London, England.
11/19/1592 in Tamworth, William married Alice.
6/1/1630, Alice died in Essex.

Family notes:
• Henry Hudson, thought to be the son of Alderman Hudson, was a founder and director of the Muscovy Company, probably the father of Henry Hudson, the Explorer, who made two of his first voyages for the Muscovy Company. After the Explorer, and his son, John, had lost their lives at sea, his wife, Katherine apprenticed another son, Richard to the Company. He served in India and died there in 1648. There was another son, Oliver. Places of residence and repetition of family names indicate that Alderman Hudson had another son, William, married to Alice Turner, whose son, Richard, was baptized in the ancient Church of St. Editha, Tamworth, Staffordshire, on November 5, 1608. Later he appeared in the register of the Church of St. Mary Aldermary in London, together with records of Oliver Hudson, son of Henry, the Explorer. This Richard had a brother named Nicholas.

Children of William and Alice: [5 or 6]

i. Richard Hudson ( 3692), born 11/5/1608 in England.

ii. Nicholas Hudson, born ?.

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