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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Bell 7516 & 7517

7516. Robert Heaton Sr & 7517. Hester Pearson {Yorkshire, England}

~1595, Robert born in Yorkshire, England.
1606, Hester born in Yorkshire, England.
~1614, Robert, a yeoman, married Anne ?.
3/18/1626, Anne, wife of Robert Heaton of Wharfe, buried at Clapham.
~1627, Robert married Elizabeth ?.
7/5/1632, Elizabeth, wife of Robert Heaton of Wharfe, buried at Clapham.
1636, Robert married Hester.
4/1667, Robert probably still alive because his son was styled “Robert Jr” when he joined the Friends.
(S) The PA Genealogical Magazine: “The Robert Heaton Family of Wharfe, Yorkshire, England, and Middletown Township”, V66, N2, 1989, PP100.

Family notes:
• 1558–1603, “Plaintiff: Walker, George. Defendant: Thomas Heaton, Henry Tayte, Robert Harryson, and Roger Armistede. Place or Subject: Austwick: Subornation of perjury in a suit in the manor court. County: York.” (S) UK National Archives. [Likely a relative of Robert.]

Children of Robert and Anne:

i. Margaret Heaton, baptized 4/16/1615 at Clapham, Yorkshire.
9/18/1622, Margaret buried at Clapham.

ii. Elizabeth Heaton, baptized 11/30/1621 at Clapham, Yorkshire.
1651, Elizabeth buried at Clapham, spinster.

iii. John Heaton, born ? at Clapham, Yorkshire.
12/12/1629, John buried at Clapham.

Children of Robert and Elizabeth:

iv. Richard Heaton, baptized 9/21/1628 at Clapham, Yorkshire.

v. John Heaton, baptized 1/9/1630 at Clapham, Yorkshire.
6/6/1633, John buried at Clapham.

vi. Isabela Heaton, born ? at Clapham, Yorkshire.
10/22/1634, Isabela buried at Clapham.

Children of Robert and Hester:

vii. Thomas Heaton, baptized 7/31/1639 in Clapham, Yorkshire.

viii. Robert Heaton Jr ( 3758), born 6/2/1637 in Yorkshire.
3/25/1642, Robert christened in Warf, Clapham Parish, in the West Riding of Yorkshire as s/o Robert Heaton.

ix. John Heaton, baptized 4/13/1645 in Clapham, Yorkshire.

x. Alice Heaton, baptized 8/2/1649 in Clapham, Yorkshire. [twin]
11/1649, Alice buried at Clapham.

xi. Agnes Heaton, baptized 8/2/1649 in Clapham, Yorkshire. [twin]

xii. James Heaton, baptized 6/27/1652 in Clapham, Yorkshire.

xii. Ellen Heaton, baptized 7/9/1663 in Clapham, Yorkshire.
Ellen married Thomas Clapham.
11/2/1658, “1. Thomas Clapham of Stackhouse, Giggleswick 2. Thomas Wittfeild of Wessidehouses on Malham Moor – Assignment of 9 acres in common called Daha [Daw Haw].” (S) Yorkshire Archaeological Society: H. L. Bradfer-Lawrence Collection.
4/29/1676 at Clapham, Ellen married 2nd Simon Tunstall.

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Deanhobart@aol.com said...

Hi. Great blog. I am researching my 10th and 11th great grandfathers (your Robert Heaton #3758 & his father Robert Heaton #7516) wondering where you found that Robert #7516 married Hester Pearson. In the Parish records for Wath, Yorkshire, it says that on the first day of June 1630, a 'Richard Heaton married Hester Pearson'. You have that Robert and Hester married about 1636. Did you find a source at a different parish? Online genealogies have everything mixed up and I am trying to reconcile where the initial info came from.