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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Bell 922 & 923

922. Ralph Lowe & 923. Rachel Hudson {… MD}

[Ralph likely s/o Ralph Lowe, who by 1649 was transported into MD as an indentured servant.]
1684, Rachel born in MD, d/o 1846. Henry Hudson. (S) Colonial Familes of the Eastern Shore of Md. Vol 7. F.E. [She might the d/o the father of Henry, but the timeline does not support this.]
1725, Ralph in Manokin Hundred.
1730, “Rafe” in Nanticoke Hundred. (S) Tax List.
1731, “Reafe” in Nanticoke Hundred. (S) Tax List.
1733, “Ralph” and “Robert Low” in Nanticoke Hundred. (S) Tax List.
2/25/1750, Ralph wrote his will.
Bef. 3/17/1756, Ralph died. (S) Will proved.

Children of Ralph and Rachael:

i. Robert Lowe, born ? in MD.
1733, Robert a member of Ralph/Rafe Lowe’s household.
1737, Robert as Head of Household in Wicomico Hundred.

ii. John Lowe, born ? in MD.
2/11/1775, John Lowe and wife Tabitha sold 199 1/2 acres called Woodfield to Benjamen Dashiell.

iii. George Lowe, born 1722–1726 in MD.
12/29/1754, George married Sarah Cottman, d/o Ebenezer. (S) Stepney Parish Records.
11/9/1760, “Sarah Low” mentioned in the will of her father, as well as son-in-law George.
1778, George died.
Children: [4 see (S) Stepney Parish Records].

iv. Margaret Lowe ( 461), born ~1724 in MD.

v. Ralph Lowe, born 1728 in MD.
9/15/1755, Ralph married Anne Renshaw/Rencher. (S) Stepney Parish Records.
9/28/1784, Ralph in a land transaction with Zachariah Maddox.
1793, Ralph wrote his will mentioning his nephew William, s/o his brother John.
Bef. 8/6/1793, Ralph died.
Children: [3 see (S) Stepney Parish Records].

vi. Hudson Lowe, born 1735 in MD.
Hudson married Mary ?.
11/18/1802, Hudson made his will.
Bef. 1/11/1803, Hudson died.

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