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Monday, April 5, 2010

Bell 980 & 981

980. Robert Hodgson & 981. Sarah Borden {… MD, … PA, …RI}

1665, Robert born in RI, s/o 1960. Robert Hodgson & 1961. Rachel Shotton.
12/29/1680, Sarah born in Portsmouth, Newport, RI, d/o 1962. Matthew Borden & 1963. Sarah Clayton.
Sarah 1st married William Slayton.
1692, Robert married Sarah. Robert moved to PA, possibly to carry the Quaker religion to the area.
1692, Robert assigned 50 acres by Thomas Bright in Concord Township, Delaware Co. PA.
1697, Robert bought 50 acres in Springfield, Delaware Co. PA.
1699, Robert, of Chester Co., PA, sold the 50 acres in Springfield.
(S) 1714, Chester Co., PA Tax List, Robert Hodgson.
12/14/1714, Robert patented a tract of 2000 acres, and on the next day, with James Hendricks, another of 1500 acres, both in old Chester Co., on Conestoga creek. This was the original homestead.
1715, Robert patented a 250 acre tract in East Nottingham township known as “Hodgson’s Choice”.
8/28/1717, a certificate was granted to Robert, his wife Sarah, and their children directed to the Newark Monthly Meeting.
1728, Robert patented “the Pleasant Garden tract of 740 acres though called 660 acres in the patent”. This was partly in Nottingham (now Elk) twp, but mostly in New London, and lay nearly south of the Thunder Hill tract which joined it. [A notable event in the history of New London township, Chester Co., Pennsylvania, was a centennial family reunion, held 9/7/1892, at the residence of Robert Henry Hodgson, at Pleasant Garden Tract. Upon that occasion Mr. Hodgson, in referring to his family estate, remarked that “this land is an old patent tract taken up by our forefathers, and never since has it been owned out of the name of Hodgson.” Robert and Sarah moved because of trouble with Indians, and located on Bohemia Manor in MD. The latter region was fertile but malarial, and they again moved to Pleasant Garden, which has been since uninterruptedly in possession of his descendants. This tract was obtained under a MD patent and was held to be in Cecil Co. in that province.]
1733 in Cecil Co., Robert wrote his will: Ch: Robert, Matthew, Phineas, Joseph, John, Jonathan, Richard, David, Rachel, Sarah. Wife Sarah named Executrix with Evert Everdson Jr. & Walter Scott Jr. (S) Cecil Co. Wills AA1:263.
Bef. 12/17/1733, Robert died; will proved. (S) Film #013879 Cecil Co, MD Admin’s No. 64, P421.
1/11/1748 in Cecil Co., MD, Sarah wrote her will: widow. To my eldest son, Robert Hodgson, £20. To sons Matthew & Joseph Hodgson, each £10. To son Phineas Hodgson, £5. To son John Hodgson, negro man Tom & a bed. To sons Jonothan Hodgson & Richard Hodgson, each £20 & a bed. To grdson David Hodgson, £10. To grddau. Sarah Wood, £10. The residue to be equ. div. betw. my chldn. Robert Hodgson, Matthew Hodgson, Joseph Hodgson, John Hodgson, Jonathan Hodgson, & Richard Hodgson. Extrs: sons Jonatha & Richard Hodgson. Witn: Wm. Pearce, Peter Bouchelle, Daniel Neide. (S) Cecil Co. Wills BB2:32.
Bef. 2/17/1748, Sarah died; “sworn to by Pearce & Neide”.
(S) Colonial Families of Philadelphia, P1737.

Children of Robert and Sarah:

i. Robert Hodgson, born ~1698 in MD.
Robert married Train Caldwell.
7/27/1744, Robert Hodgson of the County of Kent upon Delaware Son and Heir of Robt. Hodgson late of Cecil County in Maryland decd of the one part and John Mackey of Cecil County Yeoman of the other part …
1/11/1748, Robert named executor in his mother’s will.
4/24/1751, Robert named in his brother Joseph’s will.
3/19/1752, Robert named in his brother John’s will.
1767, Robert died in Kent Co., DE.
Robert Hodgson, born ?.
Bef. 6/9/1772, deed from Robert Hodgson of Frederick Co. VA & Phineas Hodgson ( 490) “late of Cecil Co” ….

ii. Matthew Hodgson, born ~1699 in MD.
[Named after his grandfather – a common Scot naming scheme.]
10/6/1751, Matthew named in his brother Richard’s will.
3/19/1752, Matthew named in his brother John’s will.
John Hodgson, born ?.
10/6/1751, he is named in his uncle Richard’s will.

iii. Phineas Hodgson ( 490), born ~1701 in MD.

iv. Joseph Hodgson, born ~1703 in MD.
1733, Joseph left all but 200 acres of Pleasant Garden in his father’s will.
12/9/1745, Joseph conveyed his interest in Peasant Garden to his brother Phineas.
4/24/1751 in Cecil Co., Joseph wrote his will: To bros. Robert & Mathew Hodgson, each £10. To bros. Phinehus, John, & Jonathan Hodgson, each £1. To bro. & extr., Richard Hodgson, the residue of my e. r. & p. Witn: Cornelius Brady, Robt. McClatchie, Silvester Ryland.
Bef. 5/3/1751 Joseph died: “sworn to by all 3 witn.”

v. John Hodgson, born ~1704 in MD.
4/24/1751, John named in his brother Joseph’s will.
3/19/1752 in Cecil Co., John wrote his will: To cozen Sarah Hodgson, £10. To bros. Finos & Jonathan Hodgson, 10 sh. each. To Mary Jacobs, £5 for the trouble of the house in sickness. To bros. Robert & Matthew Hodgson, equ. div., the residue. Extr: eldest bro., Robrt Hodgson. Witn: JohnWard, Clement Flintham, Joseph Ward.
Bef. 4/5/1752 John died: “sworn to by John Ward & Clement Flintham”.

vi. Jonathan Hodgson, born ~1706 in MD.
1/11/1748, Jonathan named executor in his mother’s will.
4/24/1751, Jonathan named in his brother Joseph’s will.
3/19/1752, Jonathan named in his brother John’s will.

vii. Richard Hodgson, born ~1707 in MD.
Richard married Sarah ?.
10/6/1751 in Cecil Co., Richard wrote his will: farmer. To bro. Marthew, 3 half-worn suits that belonged to my bro. Joseph. To Marthew’s son John, a little squerel gun. The residue is to be equ. div. betw. wife, Sarah Hodgson, & dau. Elezebeth Hodgson. Extrs: James O Agan & wife, Sarah Hodgson. Witn: Ben. Elsbery, Richard Chandler, John O Ryan.
Bef. 10/24/1751 Richard died: “sworn to by Elsbury & O ryan”.
Elizabeth Hodgson, born ?.
10/6/1751, she named in her father’s will.

viii. David Hodgson, born ~1708 in MD.

ix. Rachel Hodgson, born ~? in MD.

x. Sarah Hodgson, born 2/13/1707 in MD.
Sarah married Joseph Wood. (S) Will of her mother.
7/11/1747, Sarah died.
Sarah Wood, born 1/10/1738.
9/17/1755 she married Nathaniel Wickman.
7/11/1777, she died.

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