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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Lord William Culpeper Esq. & Cicely Barrett

19532. Lord William Culpeper Esq. & 19533. Cicely Barrett  

~1509, William born in Bedgebury, Goudhurst, co. Kent, England, 3rd s/o 39064. Walter Culpeper & 39065. Anne Aucher.

1512, Cicely born at Belhouse, Alvethley, co. Essex, England, d/o 39066. John Barrett & 39067. Phyllis Bardfelde. (S) 1612 Visitation of Essex.

9/14/1514, William, a minor, mentioned in his father’s will: “to se Anthony and Willm our sonnys founde to schole.”.

William of Hunton, Losenham in Newenden, Heryngdon in Tenterden – co. Kent; & Wigsale in Salehurst, co. Sussex.

10/14/1526, Cicely [and her sisters] given £100 and ‘one rynge of golde for their weddynge ryngs’  in the will of her father.

Bef. 1/4/1530, William married Cicely. (S) Culpeper family settlement provided for the holding of Wigsell by trustees “to the use of said Anne Colepepyr widow of Walter for life; remainder to said William Colepepyr and Cecele Barett, and the heirs of their bodies; in default to said William Colepepyr in tail, in default to the right heirs of said Sir Alexander Colepepyr.”

1530, William admitted to Gray’s Inn.

9/4/1532, William left items including “all my stoke at Lossenham” in his mother’s will.

1538, William servant to Thomas Cromwell, Lord Privy Seal.

3/10/1538, William had seisen of the dissolved priory of Losenham, co. Kent. [Founded by his ancestor Thomas Fitz Aucher in 1241.]

1/1540, Sir Thomas Wyatt, the poet, was involved in Cromwell’s downfall and was held a prisoner in the Tower. William Culpeper was, on Wyatt’s nomination, permitted by the Privy Council to have custody of Allington Castle (L. & P. Henry V111, xvi, 229).

Cicley died, buried in the chapel at Salehurst.

1553, William, a Justice of the Peace, supported the Queen in Wyatt’s Rebellion.

William lived several places and finally settled at Wigsell.

12/6/1559, William wrote his will at Wigsell. [Abstract] 16 Nov 1559. I Willm Culpeper of Wigsell in the County of Sussex, Esquire. To be buried in the parish church of Salehurste, in the chapel where my good dere wife Cicely Culpeper doth lye. … To William Granthm my servant … To Gybson’s widow … To Mr. Hyde scolemaster of Winchester … To Elizabeth Wilgosse and Anne Edolf my daughters … Executor John Culpeper my eldest son and my nephew John Tufton of Hothfield Esq my overseer … my lands in Sussex and Kent to John my son … if the said John pay unto Fraunces Culpeper my second son, Marten Culpeper my third son, Walter Culpeper my fourth son, Thomas Culpeper my fifth son, Edmonde Culpeper my vijth son £5 a year for life, … and to Richard Culpeper my vjth son an annuity of £6.13.4. … My manor in Heryngden in Kent to John my son to pay my debts and legacies …

William buried with Cicely.

(S) 1619 Visitation of Kent. (S) Magna Carta Ancestry: P44, P250. (S) The Proprietors of the Northern Neck, Harrison.

Children of William and Cicely: [9 children, John eldest.]

i. John Culpeper (9766), born 1531 in England.

ii. Thomas Culpeper, born ?.

1553, Thomas at Winchester College.

Thomas married Elizabeth, widow of John Gode of London [no children.]

10/22/1602, Thomas wrote his will, naming his brother John and “nephew” William Steede of Steede Hill, esq.