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Monday, April 19, 2010

High-Sheriff William Sedley Esq. & Elizabeth Greene

19534. High-Sheriff William Sedley Esq. & 19535. Elizabeth Greene   

~1509, William born in Kent, England, s/o 39068. John Sydley.

~1510, Elizabeth born in England, d/o  §§Roger Greene. (S) A Gen. and Heraldic …, Burke, 1838, P482.

1/10/1531, “Release by John Herrys of Brasted, …, to William Sedley, son and heir of John Sedley, late of Southflete, esquire, of all his right in all the messuages and lands &c. in Brasted, which the said John Sedley lately acquired from the releasor's said father: Kent.” (S) UKNA.

1533-38, “John Jenkens, gentleman. v. William Sidley, gentleman, and Harry Rypton, curate of Southfleet.: Parsonage of Southfleet, whereof the said Sidley was formerly tenant.: Kent.” (S) UKNA.

7/11/1542, “Lease for 20 years, at the yearly rent of £8, from William Sedley of Southfleet, co. Kent., esq., to Thomas Rutt, citizen and brewer of London.” (S) UKNA.

1544-47, “William Sedley, Elizabeth his wife, Robert Tirrell and Joyce his wife, v. John, son and heir of Thomas Salter.: Reviver of a suit for messuages and land in Chalfont St. Giles and Chalfont St. Peter late of John Grove, deceased, great-grandfather of the female complainants.: Buckingham.” (S) UKNA.

1546, John Middleton alienated his moiety of Nutshed to William Sedley, esq. of Southfleet, sheriff.

1547, William High Sheriff of Kent.

Elizabeth died.

11/28/1553, William of Southfleet, co. Kent, wrote his will: “to Elizabeth Sydley my daughter all my lands, etc., in Frensbury, in Kent,” with a bequest of money and plate and the injunction “to my daughter Elizabeth, she to marry at her pleasure, by the counsel of her aunt, my sister, and of John, my son, her brother, and to have meat, drink and lodging till she be married or else be found in a good service.” (S) UKNA.

Bef. 12/4/1555, William died. (S) Will probated.

Family notes:

·         “Anne Grove”, d/o Roger is usually given as wife of William. However, the document of 1544-47 shows that his wife, a John Grove descendent, was named Elizabeth, the name given their daughter. The “William Sedley” that is shown in the same records as married to “Ann Grove” is also shown as sheriff of Kent in 1589 – 30 years after this William died.

Children of William and Elizabeth:

i. John Sydley, born ~1530 in England.

John married Anne Colepeper, d/o John of Aylesford.

1567, John High Sheriff of Kent. (S) Hist. of Notinghamshire, Thoroton, 1797, P256.


·         John Sedley, born ~1560. [Died without issue.]

·         Sir William Sedley, born ?. 5/22/1611 he was created a Baronett.

ii. Elizabeth Sedley (9767), born ~1534 in Southfleet, co. Kent, England.