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Monday, April 19, 2010

Richard Bridger of Surrey & Margery Eliot

19856. Richard Bridger & 19857. Margery Eliot 

1501, Richard born in Godalming, co. Surrey, England, s/o §Henry Bridger [died 1521 in Goldaming].

5/21/1565, “Letter from Richard Bridger, Godalming, to Mr Rythe, London.... The bearer, John Clarke of Witley, is Bridger's neighbour, who is in dispute with Payne about land; Bridger asks Rythe to act for Clarke.” (S) UKNA. [This could be a son Richard.]

Child of Richard and Margery:

i. Lawrence Bridger (9928), born 1550 in Goldalming, co. Surrey, England.