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Monday, April 19, 2010

Thomas Pitt of Bristol

19872. Thomas Pitt 

~1550, Thomas born in England, s/o 39744. Thomas Pitt & 39745. Joayne ?.

9/4/1590 in St. Werburgh’s in Bristol, Thomas Pitt, s/o “Thomas & Joayne” married Maria Roberts, d/o Walter, born ~1572. [Likely the mother of the daughters, but not of the son William.]

Thomas was a merchant Bristol.

1598, Co’part Bargain and Sale, Hierome Ham, gent., and Thomas Pitt, merchant. Note of interchanged signing and sealing. (S) UKNA.

5/31/1605, James I made a new grant of incorporation to the English merchants trading to Spain and Portugal. … was made to 12 noblemen and officials; to 240 merchants from London; 97 from Bristol; 45 from Exeter; 45 from Totnes; and 122 merchants from twelve other ports. They were given a number of privileges and powers of control over the trade. …" Thomas Pitt," ... "Thomas Pitt Junior," [apparently died before his father] ... "William Pitt." (S) Records Relating To The Society Of Merchant Venturers Of The City Of Bristol In The Seventeenth Century, McGrath.

1607-08, “Mayor, &c., of Bristol, Thomas Pitte, gentleman, chamberlain of said city, Thos. Bassett. v. Thos. Morgan, Thos. Smithe.: Port of Bristol, and its rivers, &c. Touching the maintenance of posts in the harbour for mooring shipping, and in Crokern.” (S) UKNA.

6/20/1611 in Lisbon, letter from Philip Cowper to Thomas Pitt. Rumoured Spanish expedition against Virginia. (S) UKNA.

1611, “… paide to Mr Thomas Pitt Chamberlaine by order of …” [Of the City officials, the most important executive officer was the Chamberlain who handeled the finances and who was responsible for the annual accounts.]

1612, Receipt given to feoffees by Thomas Pitt, chamberlain for rent from 4 houses. (S) UKNA.

5/1/1613, in Bristol, England: Thomas in his will mentions leaving such possessions as inns he built and leased out, three silvergilt ale cups, rings of gold, and quite a few pounds. Four named children: Alice, Anne, Mary, and son and executor, William. William was named executor and was given a lease for life of a tenement outside the Temple Gate in the City of Bristol. The said tenement was in the possession of George Tyce who had an inn called the Saracen & Head. William also inherited another tenement outside the Temple Gate that was occupied by Thomas Arther, Esq. When William’s son, Robert reached the age of 22 years, he was to be paid ten pounds yearly by Thomas Arther. At William’s death, his son Robert was to inherit the two tenements. William was also to give his two sons, Robert and William, ten pounds each when they reached sixteen years of age. (S) UKNA.

Bef. 5/4/1613, Thomas died. “Mr. Thomas Pitt the Chamberlain of Bristol deceased, and Mr. Thomas Whitehead was chosen Chamberlain in his place.”

8/5/1613, Thomas’ will probated.

Children of Thomas and ?:

i. William Pitt (9936), born ~1580 in England.

iii. Anne Pitt, born ? in England.
Anne married 2nd John Merrick.
Children: [3/13/1622, children named in her brother William’s will.]
Anne Waters, born bef. 1601.
Robert Merrick, born ?.

iv. Mary Pitt, born ? in England.
Mary married Robert Owen.
Mary married 2nd Richard Davis.
3/13/1622, Richard & Mary named in her brother William’s will.