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Friday, April 9, 2010

Bond 2480 & 2481

2480. Col. Thomas Godwin Sr & 2481. Elizabeth ? [England, VA]

1628–1629, Thomas born in Somerset Co., England; s/o 4960. Robert Godwyn & 4961. Elizabeth Smythies. [Birth date based on a 1628 leased agreement by his father naming only his two older brothers.]
1626–1638 Elizabeth born.
5/2/1638 Thomas mentioned in the will of his grandmother Joan Dorington.
5/22/1650, Thomas patented 1000 acres with Richard Axom in Rappahannock Co., VA. (S) Essex Co. DB1721-1724, PP354-58.
1654–1676, Thomas is a Burgess from Upper Norfolk, Nansemond Co., VA.
1656, Thomas sold his land in Rappahannock Co., VA. (S) Cavaliers and Pioneers by Nugent, P319.
9/28/1668, Thomas conveyed 390 acres to Robert Tomlin. (S) Essex Co. DB1721-1724, PP354-58.
1674, Nansemond Co. court record: “nevertheless, that the house and cleared grounds of Captain Thomas Godwin, who hath bin an ancient inhabitant of Nanzemund countie court, be, remain counted, and deemed in the county of Nanzemund, anything in this act to the contrary notwithstanding.” His home was called Old Castle.
2/17/1675, James Webb by will appointed his relict Elizabeth, his Extx.
3/15/1675, Elizabeth ordained her father, Col Thomas Godwin her lawful attorney …
3/1675, Coll. Thomas Godwin is listed with officers from Virginia. In the same list, near his name, is the name of Coll. Joseph Bridger. (S) Hening’s Statutes, March 1675-6, 28th Charles II, P330
3/1676, Thomas referred to as “colonel”; Speaker of the House of Burgess which passed “Bacon’s Laws”.
3/24/1677, Thomas wrote his will. His will began, “I Thomas Godwin, of Nansemond county, Dent’l,”. It gave his son, Edmund, land and slaves. Daughter Elizabeth got one slave. No slaves were given to son, Thomas Godwin., who was executor. (S) The Virginia Magazine, V5, P199.
1678, Thomas died in Nansamond Co., VA.
(S) Encyclopedia of Virginia Biography, V1, Publ. 1915. (S) The Virginia Magazine, V5, P199.

Family Notes:
• Thomas ( 2480) has the correct birth date to be the s/o Robert ( 4960). The family names of “Thomas, Edmond, Robert, James, and Joseph” also match. There is no will for a Thomas Godwyn in the Wells/Wookey/Somerset records. Nansemond Co. VA was governed by a Puritan, note that Robert ( 4960) was likely a Puritan. The families of Nansemond Co. included Bennett, Godwin, Oliver, and Bourne, all families of Wells in Somerset Co., England, that frequently inter-married and were mentioned in each other’s wills.
• A William Godwyn who married Elizabeth Wright, d/o Thomas, was a child in 1655 when he was given a cow by Humphrey Clarke. He is likely a son or a brother to this Thomas.

Children of Thomas and Elizabeth:

i. Theophilus Godwin, born ~.

ii. Elizabeth Godwin, born ~.
Elizabeth 1st married Capt James Webb. (S) Family Notes.
Bef. 3/15/1675, James died. (S) Family notes.
3/24/1677, Elizabeth mentioned in her father’s will getting 1 slave.
Bef. 10/6/1679, Elizabeth 2nd married Joseph Woory, nephew of Sir John Yeamans of Bristol, England.
10/6/1679, Elizabeth and Joseph [a JOP] attended a Quaker wedding in Nansemond Co. (S) Souther Hist. Assoc., V7, PP96-9.
Elizabeth 3rd married Samuel Bridger ( 2482vi).

iii. James Godwin, born ~.

iv. Edmond Godwin, born ~.
[Aka “Edward”.]
3/24/1677 Edmond mentioned in his father’s will, receiving land and slaves.
10/6/1679, Edmond attended a Quaker wedding in Nansemond Co. (S) Souther Hist. Assoc., V7, PP96-9. [Thomas Jordan, s/o Thomas married Elizabeth Burgh, d/o Wm (deceased).]
Edmond married Sarah Bembridge, d/o Thomas and Margaret Bembridge.
1682, Edmund sheriff of Nansemond Co.
5/11/1707, Edmond involved in a lawsuit. Edmond, “of Virginia”, and a merchant, with partner, Col Samuel Bridger [husband of his sister Elizabeth], had in 1704 consigned to the ship Nicholson 100 tons. (S) Perry vs Minge, Public Record Office London, Chancery Bills and Answers Before 1714, Reyn. 188/70.

v. Thomas Godwin Jr ( 1240), born ~1655.

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