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Friday, April 9, 2010

Col. John Pitt & Olive Hardy

2484. Col. John Pitt & 2485. Olive Hardy [ VA]

~1640, John born in Bristol, England, s/o 4966. Robert Pitt & 4967. Hester Stevens.
1648, Olive born in VA, d/o 4970. John Hardy.
Olive 1st married Giles Driver. [3 sons, 1 daughter “Hardy”.]
3/23/1662, John named executor of the will of Thomas Griffen. (S) Isle of Wight, WB2, P3.
11/10/1665, John posted the “Surety” for the estate of William Wilson. (S) Isle of Wight, WB2, P10.
12/10/1666, John mentioned in the will of John Weston. (S) Isle of Wight, WB2, P48.
2/9/1669, John posted the “Surety” for the estate of Walter Richards, who died intestate, at the request of his relic Elizabeth. (S) Isle of Wight, WB2, P22.
11/8/1669, John witnessed another will of Thomas Griffen. (S) Isle of Wight, WB2, P84.
4/9/1670, John posted the “Surety” for the estate of John Norsworthy, who died intestate, at the request of his relic Frances. (S) Isle of Wight, WB2, P24.
2/9/1671, John posted the “Surety” for the estate of John Whitley, at the request of his relic Ann. (S) Isle of Wight, WB2, P29.
1672, John a bondsman for the estate of John William ( 3756.) [The Williams family lived near the Pitt family in Nansemond Co.]
6/6/1672, “Capt. John Pitt” named executor of his father’s estate.
1672, Ann “Williams” ( 3757) filed to administer her husband John’s estate, bondsmen John Pitt and Thomas Poole.
1/9/1674, John appointed executor of his fathe’s estate.
Bef. 6/9/1677, Giles Driver died, Olive sole executrix. (S) Will probated.
1677, Olive married John Bromfield by whom she had a daughter Ann [identified in John Pitt’s will as his “in-law” daughter. He apparently had other children by a previous marriage.]
10/14/1678, John witnessed the will of Anthony Fulgham. (S) Isle of Wight, WB2, P168.
2/9/1679, “Col Pitt” mentioned in the probate record of John Broomfield. (S) Isle of Wight, WB2, P50.
10/9/1679, “Olive Bromfield deposes, age 31, that in May last she was at home with her husband” …
John married Olive Hardy, born 1648, widow of Giles Driver and John Bromfield.
7/6/1680, Olive, “relict of Mr. Giles Driver” gave her “dau Hardy” 5 sheep and a mare.
12/9/1680, Joseph Bridger ( 2482) sells Lt Col John Pitt land patented on Mar 21, 1664. [Joseph’s father was a part owner with Bridger and Wm Burgh.]
3/26/1681, John witnessed the will of Jane Ward. (S) Isle of Wight, WB2, P243.
1/19/1683, Olive “Pitt” is an heir to Thomas Loe – Lt. Col. John Pitt named executor; daughter Prudence is also an heir of Thomas. (S) Isle of Wight, WB2, P237.
8/3/1683, “Lt. Col. John Pitt” mentioned in the will of his brother-in-law Joseph Bridger2482.
10/22/1685, John witnessed the will of Thomas Green. (S) Isle of Wight, WB2, P252.
1/27/1686, “Lt. Col” John trustee of the will of James Mackdowell. (S) Isle of Wight, WB2, P272.
7/16/1686, John witnessed the distribution of legacies by Mrs. Hester Bridger, Extx. of Col. Joseph Bridger. (S) Isle of Wight, WB2, P254.
9/1/1689 in Isle of Wight Co., “John Pitt Cl Cur” testified to the nuncupative will of John Whitaker.
10/9/1691, “Col John Pitt” mentioned as a creditor in the probate record of Christopher Wade. (S) Isle of Wight, WB1, P127.
John apparently traveled back to England [at the least had his will recorded in England as well as Isle of Wight Co., VA.]
11/28/1702, John wrote his will in Bristol. [Note – John names his father in his will.]
Bef. 3/9/1703 John died; estate appraisal by Anthony Holladay, Thomas Norsworthy, Humphrey Marshall, Nicholas Fulgham. (S) Isle of Wight, WB2, P437.
Olive remarried to Rev. Andrew Monro.

Family notes:
• Will of Coll. John Pitt, of Bristoll, now living in the Isle of Wight Co. Virginia: My Father Coll. Robert Pitt; devises lands in Chuckatuck Creek, Newport, &c., in Isle of Wight Co. (devised by his father) to his sons, John, Henry, James; his deathhead ring to his son John, his seale ring to son Henry; to James Pitt his strong-water still and furniture and silver tumbler marked J. P.; to Henry Pitt a silver Tankard marked J. PMC; a silver tumbler marked S. P.; to son John my silver salt cellars. Dau. Sarah Nosworthy 5 shillings, Martha Nosworthy 5 shillings, dau. Prudence Driver 2 cows; dau. Mary Drury 5 shill.; dau.-in-law Anne Bromfield 12 sheet weh her mother gave her more yn what is due to her of her ffather Mr. John Bromfield's estate. John Pitt Exor. (S) Isle of Wight, WB2, P454. (S) Leonardo Andrea Collection, John Pitt of “Ye City of Bristol” ...

Children of John and Olive:

i. John Pitt Jr ( 1242), born 1680 in VA.

ii. James Pitt, born ?.

iii. Henry Pitt, born ?.
2/9/1747, Henry died.

iv. Sarah Pitt, born ?.
Sarah married Tristan Norsworthy.
Sarah Norsworthy, born ? in VA.
She married her 1st cousin John Pitt, d/o John ( 1242).

v. Martha Pitt, born ?.
Martha married George Norsworthy.
1706, Martha married 2nd Thomas Boyd.

vi. Prudence Pitt, born ?.
Prudence married Charles Driver [possibly a cousin.]

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