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Saturday, April 10, 2010

James Loadman & Jeane ?

3746. James Loadman & 3747. Jeane ? [Surry Co., VA; NC]

Jane married James Loadman.
James and Jane lived in Surrey Co., VA. [No records found – just by book of Rawlings.]
Jane Loadman came to N. C. with James Loadman.
James Loadman is known to be a Quaker – donated land for a meeting house. James lived about 10 miles from Sumerton.
James died.
“I Jean Loadman, do give to my son James, one cow & calf.” Test. Peter Gray, Richard Buyer.
1/1683, Jane married Richard Bier/Byer/Buyer.
4/1696, “At a court Hould For ye Pcinct of Perquimans at ye House of Thomas Nichols ye Recent Monday In Aprill 1696. Present ye Justices of ye Court.” [James brought to the colonies]: “Jane Byer proved Rites for nine psons transported Into this county whose names ar underwreten and Asigned to Timothy Cleare vis his selfe, Richard Byer, Lawrence Nogell, Jane Byer, Robert Boge, Wm Boge, Margaret Boge, William Moore, James Loadman.” [Why assign to Timothy Cleare instead of one of her children?]
7/3/1701, Jane married William Newby. [No children from this marriage.]
(S) Perquimans Co., NC, DB-A.

Family notes:
• There is more data needed to sort out who Jane was, mother vs. daughter, and which husbands they had and when James Sr. died.
• 2/6/1704, Wm. Bogue of Albermarle for a valid consideration by Wm Newby conveyed to said Newby, Isaac Wilson, John Puckloe and Wm. Moore, one A. of land to belong to a Society of Protestant Dissenters vulgarly called "Quakers" living m Perq Precinct "Upon which a House of Worship has already been built"; land formerly belonging to James Lodman, and now leased to Antony Haskit on Perq River.
• “Jane Loadman came to N. C. with James Loadman. They came from Surry Co Va, and her mother in said Co, names her later as Jean Newby. Richard Bier, m Jane Loedman, Jan — 1682/3. It seems from this record, that she was m 1st to—Moore—2d to Loadman—3d to Richard Bier, & 4th to William Newby, by whom she had no issue.” (S) History of Perquimans county as compiled from record found there, Ellen Rawlings, 1931.

Children of James and Jeane:

i. James Loadman, born ?.
2/15/1689, Albemarle. Patrick Kenedy planter—assigns to Timothy Clare, of same Co, planter—right to Plan. on Franks Creek. Patrick & Elizabeth Kenedy. Test. Peter Gray, James Loadman.
6/21/1692, James Loadman of Perq, sold to Charles Macdaniel a plan’ adj Patrick Kenedy. Test. Peter Gray, Patrick Kenedy.
5/1/1694, James patented 143 acres: “as by Pattent to ye abovesaid James Loadman Bearing date the first day of May Ano. 1694 … on ye Bank of Perquimans River … William (WB) Booge.” This was based on rights for “Hubbart Lambert, Jeane Buyard his Mother & James Loadman. [self]”
6/1/1694, Robert Beasley granted 218 acres, joining James Loadman, …, William Bogue, …
11/14/1694, James wrote his will: mentions Jane Barfield, Richard Barfield “of Somerton, VA”, William Butler, Sarah Beasley, Timothy Clear, Elizabeth Phelps, James Keniday, Executor: William Bogue. Witnesses: Johanna Beasley, Jane Byard, Patrick Cenady.
Bef. 4/8/1695, James died. (S) Will probated.

ii. Jane Loadman ( 1873), born ~1645 in VA.

iii. Sarah Loadman, born ?.
Sarah married Robert Beasley.
8/19/1687, Robert witnessed a Quaker wedding of John Belman & Sarah Wilson.
2/1694 Court, Perquimaans Prct., Robert Beasley has proved hisrights being himself, Sarah Beasley his wife, James Beasley, Johanna Beasley, Richard Chestone, Sarah Chestone, in all six rights.
6/1/1694, Robert Beasley granted 218 acres, joining James Loadman, …, William Bogue, …
James Beasley, born 3/17/1675 in England.
3/17/1694, he married Berkeley Prct., NC.
4/10/1720, he died in Chowan Co., NC.

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