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Monday, April 26, 2010

Robert Maye of Somerset

39684. Robert Maye 

Robert of Bycombe and Hyden, co. Somerset.

7/1/1537, Robert request the purchase of “Hyden, farm of the manor”. (S) The Somerset Religious Houses, Archbold, 1892, P216.

9/12/1545, “Robert Maye. Grant in fee, for 784£. 18s., of the manor or grange of Hudon, Soms., in tenure of Ralph Hopton (except tithes and the pastures called Estebyterox and Westebyterox. Witham and Frary), and a wood called Bytcombe Wood alias Hydon Wood (52 ac.) in Wytham Frarye, Blagden and Predye, which belonged to Wytham mon. Del. Westm. 12 Sept. 36 Hen. VIII.–S.B. (signed by Canterbury, Westminster, Petre Sir Robt. Southwell, Moyle, Bacon and Duke.” (S) Letters and Papers … Reign of Henry VIII, 1905, P182.

Bef. 1551 Robert died. (S) Deed of his son and heir Robert.

Children of Robert and ?:

i. Robert Maye (19842), born bef. 1531 in England. [Heir]