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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Bond 4970

4970. John Hardy

1613, John born in Bedfordshire, England.
[The details of the genealogy of this family is highly speculative due to father and son, both “John” dying near each other in time, and by the prevalence of the name “Olive”. Either the father or the son had the identified three sisters listed as children.]
1632 in Enlgand, John married Olive Council.
1666, John granted 1150 acres in Isle of Wight, VA for bringing 23 persons. [Grants were generally made several years after an immigrants arrival.]
10/7/1676, John wrote his will:.
(S) Wurt’s Magna Charta, John S. Wurts, Germantown, PA, 1947. (S) Compendium of American Genealogy, Immigrant Ancestors, Virkus, 1980.

Family notes:
• Will of either John Sr. or John Jr.: Leg. daughter Olive Driver, wife of Giles Driver; daughter Lucy Councill, wife of Hodges Councill; daughter Debora Hardy; daughter Olive Driver's two children; daughter Lucy Councill's three children; my wife's grandchild John Johnson; son-in-law Robert Burnett; William Mayo. Wife Alice Extx.
• The “Alice” in the will is Alice Bennet, d/o Thomas, and may be the mother of the children listed. They may also be the children of Olive Council. Alice may have been married to John Sr. as a 2nd wife, or she may have been married to John Jr.

Children of John and ?:

i. Olive Hardy ( 2485), born 1648 in VA.

ii. Lucy Hardy, born ? in VA.
Lucy married Hodges Council [likely a cousin.]
8/9/1699, Hodges wrote his will in Isle of Wight Co.
Christian Council, born ?.
She married Edward Bryan.

iii. Debora Hardy, born ? in VA.

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