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Thursday, April 15, 2010

William Pitt & Mary Marlowe Gibbs

9936. William Pitt & 9937. Mary Marlowe Gibbs 

~1580 William born in England; s/o 19872. Thomas Pitt.
~1580, Mary born in England, d/o William Gibbs & ? Rockwell.
6/13/1603, William married Mary in St. Thomas Parish, Bristol. [He may have married multiple times, or may have married later because he was a mariner.] At this time Bristol was one of the 3 largest cities in England.
William a ship builder in Bristol. He owned ships in the East India and Turkey trades.
1607, “Bargain and sale 1. Mathewe Haveland, mayor, and the Burgesses and Cominaltye of Bristol. 2. William Pitt, merchant. Premises: One messuage in the parish of St.Thomas the Apostle extending from Redcliffe Street to the Avon, 25' front breadth, 29' at the back”. (S) UKNA.
5/1/1613, William left “my tenement without the Temple Gate within the Liberty of the City of Bristol, which is now in the possession of George Tyce, Innholder, called Saracen’s Head; …” in the will of his father; and was named executor.
1614, “Ancient lease: Corporation of Bristol to William Pitt Property - Welsh Back”. (S) UKNA.
3/13/1622, William wrote his will; [abstract] To my wife Mary £500; to son William £250; to son Robert £70; to son Henry £250; to dau. Mary Pitt £250; to dau. Anne Pitt £250; to day. Maude Pitt £250; to dau. Martha Pitt £250. To my wife Mary a lease of the house wherein I now dwell in Redcliffe Street and also house in same street where … and my garden in Thomas Lane for life … To my son Robert the tenement without Temple Gate called the Saracens Inn and the new house built there by my father … Thomas Pitt as appearth in his last will and testament. To niece Ann Waters … to my nephew Robert Merricke … My second ring of pearl I give to my son Robert. … Sons to have their portion at one and twenty and daus. at twenty or marriage. … brother-in-law Richard Davis 20s for a ring and to sister Mary Davis a double Harry gold sovereign … Wife and son William, executors.
Bef. 2/4/1624, William died in Bristol. (S) Will probated.
6/8/1634, Mary made her will in Bristol; naming her son Robert as her executor. [abstract] I will that eight pounds, according to the gift and intent of my son William Pitt, in his last will and testament, … to be divided amongst the poor people of the parishes of St. Thomas, St. Mary Redcliffe and Temple parish in Bristol, … bequest to Mary Newell and to John Newell her son … my said daughter Newell … My said daughter Mary … my son Henry Pitt … unto my daughter Mawde Pitt … my daughter Anne Edwardes … daughter Martha Pitt … son Robert Pitt all that my lands and grounds … after decease to William his son, with remainder to Robert, the second son of the said Robert my son, … [several male grandchildren named] … My sister Pearse … My brother Pawle … and sister Bushe … (S) NEGR, V49, 1895, P255.
Bef. 11/25/1634, Mary, “of the parish of St. Thomas within the city of Bristol”, living on Redcliffe Street, died – will proved.
(S) Seventeeth Century Isle of Wight County, Boddie, 1973.

Family notes:
• See 1624 map of Bristol with Redcliffe and Temple gate.

Children of William and Mary: [8 children.]

i. William Pitt, born 5/22/1604 in England.
1627, Bargain and Sale as security - Wm. Pitt of Bristoll, merchant and alderman. (S) UKNA.
1634, William Pitt is an Alderman of Bristol. (S) UKNA.
Bef. 6/8/1634, William died leaving no heirs.

ii. Robert Pitt (4966), born 3/16/1606 in England.

iii. Mary Pitt, born 4/14/1607 in England.
Mary married Andrew Newell.
6/8/1634, Mary, Andrew & son John named in the will of her mother.
They moved to New England.
9/26/1684, Mary died in Charlestown, MA.
John Newell, born ~1633.
2/15/1665, he married Hannah Larkin at Charlestown, MA Bay Colony.

iv. Thomas Pitt, born ? in England.
12/7/1641, Thomas patented 872 acres in Charles City Co. on the Appomattox River.

v. Anne Pitt, born ? in England.
Anne married ? Edwards.
6/8/1634, Anne “Edwards” and her son William named in the will of her mother.
William Edwards, born bef. 6/8/1634.

vi. Maud Pitt, born ? in England.
6/8/1634, “Mawde” named in the will of her mother.
Maud, married Dr. Richard Russell, born 1611 in Hereford, England.
1640, they moved to New England. (S) G. & Fam. Hist. of the State of New Hampshire, P279.
5/22/1641, they were admitted to the church at Charlestown. (S) Bio. Sketches of Graduates of Harvard University, 1881, P274.
1652, Maude died, [Richard 2nd married Mary Chester.]
3/29/1674, Richard wrote his will in Charlestown, MA. He left a large sum to Harvard University. (S) NEG&HR, 1900-23, P181.
5/14/1676, Richard died.
Daniel Russell, born 1642 in MA.
12/27/1675, he was elected a Fellow of Havard University.

vii. Capt. Henry Pitt, born ? in England.
6/8/1634, Henry named in the will of his mother.
1/13/1652, Henry patented 450 acres on Pagan Creek in VA [near his brother Robert.]
Henry married Anne, widow of Robert Watson.
~1666, Henry died, Anne married Capt. James Powell. [See “Cox” No. 1034.]
Thomas Pitt, born in VA.
8/27/1666, a deed names Thomas as son & heir of Henry.
He married Mary Smith, d/o Col Arthur Smith.
1688, he died leaving a will.

viii. Martha Pitt, born ? in England.
6/8/1634, Martha named in the will of her mother.