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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Rene Martin & Etinnette Poyrier

1348. Rene Martin & 1349. Etinnette Poyrier [Fra]

1575 Rene born in St. Germaine de Bourge, Tourainne, France.
1577 Etinnette born in St. Germaine, Bourgueil, Indre Et Loire, France.
~ 1590 Rene married Etinnette in Bourg & Loire, France.
Etinnette died in Bourg & Loire, France.
(S) Arsenault.

Family notes:
• There are many “official” genealogies that incorrectly list a brother of Pierre named Robert. The source of this error has been well documented. The Robert Martin on which this was based was actually an English Captain of a ship that was part of a fleet that captured Port Royal in 1654.

Child of Rene and Estinne:

i. Pierre Rene Martin ( 674), born 1601.

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