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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Pierre Desportes dit Deligneres & Françoise Langlois

1374. Pierre Desportes dit Deligneres & 1375. Françoise Langlois

5/18/1574 Pierre born in Eveche de Lisieux, Calvados, France; s/o 2748. Louis Desportes & 2749. Anne Du Poteau.

~1584 Françoise born in Calvados, Lisieux, France; d/o 2750. Guillaume Langlois & 2751. Jeanne Millet.

6/13/1599 Pierre married Françoise in Lisieux, Normandy, France.

1619, Pierre and wife arrived in Quebec from France.

7/7/1620, christening of Pierre in Québec, PQ, Canada. Daughter Helen was baptized the same day, her godmother Helene Boulle, wife of Samuel De Champlain. Helen was born in Champlain’s house. [Helen Boulle returned to France in 1624.] Helen is considered the 1st white child born in North America.

1627, Pierre joined the newly-formed “One hundred Associates”, a fur trading company for which membership was 3000 livres. The “Compagnie des Cent Associes” was formed as the answer to many of the problems facing New France; which conferred on the company the whole of the North American Continent. The fur trade was to belong to them exclusively for all time, and they were to control the trade of the colony, with the exception of the coastal fisheries, for a term of 15 years. No duty would be charged on the goods they would import to France. In return the Associates engaged to send 300 people to Canada each year, supporting the settlers for 3 years, and to bring the total to 4000 by the expiration of 15 years; and for providing each community with 3 priests. The company was also provided with 2 fully-equipped warships

8/18/1621, Pierre composed an appeal from the principal residents of the country, and signed by many others, to his Majesty King Louis XIII. 9/7/1621 Samuel de Champlain sent Recollet priest Georges le Baillif to France as his delegate carrying the request.

6/21/1627 in Quebec, Francoise godmother to her neice Helen Martin, d/o of her sister Marguerite. Governor Samuel De Champlain was the godfather.

1628, several of the ships in service to the “One hundred Associates” were captured by the British.

5/18/1629 in Quebec, Francoise godmother to Louis Couillard, s/o Marie Guillemette Hebert, her daughter’s sister-in-law.

7/24/1629, Pierre left Quebec with his wife and daughter, returning to France when the Kirke Brothers took Quebec.
Bef. 10/1634 Pierre and Helen returned to Canada. He was working with Jean Tuffet, a merchant of La Rochelle and member of the 100 Associates, to recruit persons for the colony.

3/10/1638–3/27/1638 in La Rochelle, Jean Tuffet hired 10 persons to 3-year contracts at 50–120 livres per year to work for Pierre in Canada.

12/27/1639, Pierre and Francoise listed as living in the marriage contract of their daughter Helen in Quebec to her 2nd husband Noel Morin.
Francoise died in France.

4/1/1641 in La Rochelle, Andre Tuffet hired 2 persons to 3-year contracts at 50–120 livres per year to work for Pierre in Canada. « Jean Bonnard et Jeanne Richer sont engages pour trois ans pour servir MM. Desportes et tuffet au fort St-Pierre et pour faire des clous et a la forge au salaire de 120 livres. »

1659, Pierre Desportes, Eveche de Lisieux, confirmed in Montreal by the Ursulines.

(S) Rene Jette, 346. (S) PRDH.

Family notes:
• The PRDH statistics research center in Canada estimates that Pierre and Francoise had 6,515 married descendents before 1800 in Canada, 8th highest of all of the original settlers.

Child of Pierre and Françoise:

i. Helen Desportes ( 687), born 7/7/1620 in De Notre-Dame-De-Recouvrance, Quebec.

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