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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Lord John Stratford & Margarett Christian Howell

16450. Lord John Stratford & 16451. Margarett Christian Howell   

~1500, John born in Farmcote, Gloucester, England, s/o 32900. Richard Stratford & 32901. Ffrancis Kyrkeby.

~1505, Margaret born in Gloucester, England, d/o §§Richard Howell.

12/23/1539, “ Memoranda of certain leases … and of the fee-farm of Sudeley Manor to John Stratford.” (S) A Cotteswold Shrine, Baddeley, 1908, P121.

11/11/1541, “Hailes Abbey, Glos: depositions and certificates concerning spoils and theft of building materials; commission to Sir John Bridges, Richard Tracy and John Stratford to examine the case.” (S) UKNA.

1/14/1542, “depositions were taken at Wichombe before Sir John Bridges … and John Stratford (of Farmcott) by commission of the Court of Augmentation concerning spoils done at the late dissolved monestary of Hailes, by a great number of people as to the articles which they carried away …”. (S) A Cotteswold Shrine: Being a Contribution to the Hist. of Hailes, County Gloucester, 1908, P125. [John and Richard Tracey are believed responsible for the dissolution of the monestary.]

1543, John Stratford of Farmcote bought the manor of Wick Rissington from Sir Edward North. (S) BHO, A Hist. of Glou., V6, 1965, Naunton.

8/28/1543, “Ayleworthe manor, Glouc., and lands … which belonged to St. Oswald’s priory ; to John Stratford, sen. Westm.” (S) Letters and Papers … of the Reign of Henry VIII, 1902, P59.

11/22/1544, “Sir Edw. Northe. Licence to alienate the manor Wykerysden … to John Stratford, sen. And John Stratford, jun. his son and heir apparent.” (S) Letters and Papers, F&D, of the Reign of Henry VIII, 1902, P242.

1546, John St. Leger and his wife Catherine conveyed the manor of Cold Aston, Gloucester, to John Stratford of Farmcote. (S) Hist. of Gloucester, V9, 2001, Cold Aston.

By 1553, John bought Enysham’s manor of Wick Rissington from William Mounslow of London. (S) Hist. of Gloucester, V6, 1965, Wick Rissington.

1553, John died in England, the Lord of the Manor of Farmcote, Hawling, Guiting Power, Temple Guiting, Sudeley, Hailes, Wyck Rissington, Upper Swell, Cold Aston, and Aston Blank.

(S) Burke’s Peerage, Lineage of Lord Sudeley.  (S) The Visitations of Hertfordshire: made by Robert Cooke, esq.,Clarencieux, in 1572, … 1634. Publ. 1888.  (S) 1623 Visitation of Gloucester by Henry Chitty.  (S) Notes and Queries, By William John Thomas, et. al., Publ. 1863.

Family notes:

·         John was the ancester of 3 branches settling at Gloucester, Temple-Guyting, & Hawling.

Children of John and Margaret:

i. John Stratford II, born ~1520 in Gloucester, England.

John married Margaret Tracey, d/o William of Todington. (S) N&Qs, 3/17/68, P208.

11/22/1544, see his father.

7/1549, John “the younger” a significant landowner of Winchcombe and Hailes, in his will left none of his substantial wealth to the Church. (S) Popular Politics and the English Reformation, 2003, P182.


·         Henry Stratford, born ? in England. [Heir] He married Mary d/o John Maire of the County of Chester. He was press ganged into the Navy. 1558, he died under Capt Shackley at the Siege of Ostend.

·         John Stratford, born ? in England. A tobacco grower mentioned in “The Rural Economy of England”, Thirsk, P297.

·         Anthony Stratford, born ? in England. 4/26/1577, Lord of the manor of Bushley, married Margaret Haywood.

ii. Elianor Stratford born ~1522 in Gloucester, England.

Elianor married Raullfe Dyngley.

5/15/1589, “Dingley” named in her sister Margaret’s will.

iii. William Stratford, born ~1525 in Gloucester, England.

William “of Gyting” married Joyce Hill, d/o Richard of Fflyton.

William 2nd married Ann Walwyn, d/o Edward of Bosbury. The Walwyn Family and the Arms of Stratford and Walwyn are still above the old doorway at Farmcote Manor House. This marriage amongst other descent, was responsible for the Walford Branch of the Stratford’s in Herefordshire, near Ross on Wye.

[William is the ancestor of a large number of descendents.]

iv. Christian Stratford, born ~1527 in Gloucester, England.

Christian married Edwin Walwyn of Southam, s/o George and Anne Gawnt. (S) Miscellanea Genealogica et Heraldica, V5, P162.

v. Margaret Stratford (8225), born ~1530 in Gloucester, England.

vi. Richard Stratford, born ~1532.

Richard “of Hellings” married Margaret Combe, d/o William of Cheltenham.

Richard of Hawling’s, son and grandsons married into the Cole Family, Bannisters of Turkdean, the De La Bere Family, and the Dovers of Cotswold Games fame. Through these marriages can be traced a relationship with the “Bard” William Shakespeare.

6/11/1569, Richard involved in a lawsuit for encroaching on the lands of “Wyllyam Hobby”. (S) A Cotteswold Shrine: Being a Contribution to the Hist. of Hailes, Baddeley, 1908, P160.

Children: [these sons signed the 1634 Visitation of Hertfordshire.]

·         Henry Stratford [of Hawling], born ?. He married Abigail, d/o William Cole.

·         Richard Stratford [of London], born ?. He married Alice, d/o Robert Churchman [of London].

vii. Alice Stratford, born ~1535.

Alice married Edmund Brodway.

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