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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Robert Skynner of Warwickshire

16454. Robert Skynner   

Robert of Alceter in com. War. [Abbey of Alenceaster, or Alcester in Warwickshire.]

(S) 1566 Visitation of County Oxford, 1871, P185.

Children of Robert and ?:

i. Isabel Skynner (8227), born ~1530 in England. [By 1st wife.]

ii. Margaret Skynner, born ? in England.

1536-38, “John Lyster. v. Thomas Boner, executor of Robert Skynner.: Lease of the manor of Durton, &c., promised to complainant on his marriage with Margaret Stevyns, daughter of the said Skynner. (A will is described in detail in the answer.): Warwick or Gloucester.” (S) UKNA.

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