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Saturday, April 17, 2010

John Royal & Lucitte ?

16608. John Royal & 16609. Lucitte ?   

~1467, John born in England; [during the reign of Edward IV.]

~1467, Lucitte born in England.

1476–1485, John “Ryall” aka “Royal” in land and title deeds. (S) CPRs.

1483…, John held a public office “in ye svc sfe Richard 3rd and Henry 7th”.

4/20/1489, “Thomas Ovyet and wife Joan to Thomas Sherman senior, John Ryall, … a field called Martynsfelde in Hamsey W… at Lewes.” (S) UKNA.

John was charged with some kind of crime – court records show him acquitted. Attending the trial were his wife Lucitte and “smal son Roger”.

5/6/1514, “Gift from John Payn of Pershor [Pershore, Worcs.], to John Payn, his son, …stretching from the said village as far as the close formerly of John Ryall called Whytecroft; …” (S) UKNA.

~1519, John died in England.

Family notes:

·         6/1/1460, Monk “John Ryall” moved to Wermouth from Lytham; 9/15/1461, to Durham.

Child of John and Lucitte:

i. Roger Royall (8304), born 1493 in Fairstead Parish, England.

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