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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Capt. Robert Hutchins & Mary Farley

2050. Capt. Robert Hutchins & 2051. Mary Farley [Eng, VA]

~1580, Robert born in England.
~1580, Mary born in England.
1611, George Percy [Governor of Jamestown] indebted to Robert Hutchins for 25 shillings. (S) VA Hist. Mag., V57, P240.
2/16/1623, Robert “Hutchinson” mustered at James Town. He lived at “The Main”.
5/1625, Robert – patent 100 acres below Blunt Point between Newport News and Mulberryls. (S) The Complete Works of Captain John Smith (1580-1631), Edited by P L Barbour, V3, P217.
1625, Robert in the Census of Inhabitants of Virginia, the Living and the Dead. He held 1.5 acres on James Citie Island paying rent of 1 capon yearly.
2/9/1626 Robert [with others] requested to leave Pasbehayes because the ground was unproductive.
8/21/1626, Robert Hutchins and John Osborne his neighbor, and a man named Thomas Jones were “Punished and Fined for drinking and Quarreling and other Abuses at unlawful and unreasonable Howers of the Night to the Disturbance of the whole Plantation”. (S) The Minutes of Jamestown, P108.
10/12/1626, Robert Hutchins of James City charged and convicted of adultery with Margaret Jones and fined 300 pounds of tobacco. He declared in court that it was an unjustful verdict, and for not being respectful he was fined an additional 100 pounds.
3/2/1628 “Robte Hutchinson had tobacco recovered of him.”
3/5/1628, Robert charged with walking away laughing instead of assisting in putting an unruly man in the public stocks. (S) Ibid.
3/14/1628, Robert identified as a mariner in a land description of Robert Sweete. (S) C&P, 1934, P13 & PatBk1, Pt1, P70.
8/1629, “Master Hutchins” gave data on the state of VA, as quoted by Captin John Smith.
1630, Robert referred to by Capt. John Smith in a land description.
~1633 Robert’s children came to VA.
2/7/1638, Robert, a captain and sergeant [lawyer], recorded as leasing 50 acres in James Co. (S) See 10/12/1626.
9/24/1638, Robert has land recorded.
1640, Robert made sheriff of James City, receiving 250 pounds of tobacco as his fee. (S) James City County, McCartney, 1997, P574.
1641-1642, Capt. Robert Hutchinson has land recorded, a member of the Burgess from James City.
3/2/1643, Capt. Robert represented James City at the Grand Assembly.
10/1/1644, Capt. Robert represented James City at the Grand Assembly. (S) Hening’s Statutes at Large, V1, P283.
2/17/1645, Capt. Robert represented James City at the Grand Assembly.
1646, Robert has land recorded.
11/3/1647, Capt. Robert represented James City at the Grand Assembly.
1648, Robert has land recorded.
(S) VA Magazine, various issues. (S) A Genealogy of the Coxe-Hutchins-Burton Families of Henrico Co., VA, by Simeon Oliver Cox, Jr, 1964, Revised 1992. (S) Encyclopedia of Virginia Biography, V1, Publ. 1915. (S) Robert Hutchins of Colonial America, by Jack Randolph Hutchins, 1992, Gateway Press of Baltimore.

Children of Robert and Mary:

i. Elizabeth Jane Hutchins ( 1025), born 1601.

ii. Issac Hutchins, born ?
3/29/1638 Issac and brother-in-law William Coxe obtained land near “Lilley Valley”.
Issac married Cicely ?.
9/1/1642 Issac and brother-in-law William Coxe obtained 250 acres near Peter Lee. [Across the James River near the mouth of Falling Creek.]
2/23/1656 Issac wrote his will.
1214/1656 Issac obtained a 378 acre grant of land in “Worricks” next to Peter Lee.
4/1714 a court awarded Cicely all property left to her son by his father.
Cicely married 2nd Henry Sherman.
Robert Hutchins II, born ? in VA.
2/23/1656 Robert named in his father’s will.
Robert died single, before age of maturity.