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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Cox 2062 & 2063

2062. Capt. Christopher Newport & 2063. Elizabeth Glaufield [Eng, VA]

~1563, Christopher baptized at St. Nicholas Church, Harwich, England.
~1575, Elizabeth born in England.
Christopher commanded a series of privateer ships, including the Little John, the Margaret, and the Golden Dragon.
8/1592, Christopher captured the Portuguese ship Madre de Dios, returning to port carrying five hundred tons of spices, silks, gemstones, and other treasures.
10/1/1595, Christopher married Elizabeth.
1606, Christopher hired by the VA Company.
11/1606, Christopher, Capt. of the ship Susan Constant, largest of 3 ships carrying settlers to what would be Jamestown for the VA Company, left port in England.
4/26/1607, the ships made landfall at Cape Henry [now First Landing State Park.]
1609, Christopher the Capt. of the ship Sea Venture, which shipwrecked in Bermuda during a hurricane.
~1618, Christopher died at sea on a voyage to Java, Indonesia.

Child of Christopher and Elizabeth:

i. Marion Newport ( 1031), born ~1616 in England.

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