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Friday, April 9, 2010

Cox 2144

2144. Bartholomew Taliaferro & 2145. Joane Lane [Venice, Eng]

~1540, Bartholomew born in the Venice, Italy.
Bartholomew traveled to London. [Note that by 10/1630 an estimated third of Venice’s 150,000 residents had been killed by the plague.]
3/4/1562, Bartholomew applied for residency in London, describing himself as a subject of the Duke of Venice.
1/1/1583-4 Bartholomew married Joane at St. Michael’s, Cornhill, London. (S) Gen. of VA Families, Wagner & Andrus, V5, P373.
9/18/1601 Bartholomew wrote his will in London. (S) Family notes.
9/22/1601 Bartholomew died, buried that day at St. Olave’s, Hart Street, London.
5/3/1602. Letters of Administration granted to “Joan Taliaferro the relict of the said deceased”.
5/15/1602 at St. Olave’s, Joane married 2nd widower Thomas Graye, of Whitechapel, County Middlesex. [She had 5 under-age children still living.]
1609, Fall, Joane was still alive. “Thomas Graye and Johan his wife vs. Thomas Martin (concerning) a garden and certain tenements near Bethelem, in the parish of St. Botolph, without Bishopsgate, demised by Thomas Martin to Bartholomew Taliaferro dec., former husband of Johan; London.” (S) Colonial Settlers and English Adventurers, Abstracts of Legal Proceedings in Seventeenth-Century English & Dutch Courts Relating to Immigrant Families, Currer-Briggs, 1971, P294.
6/12/1617, Thomas was buried. He had written his will and died soon after.

Family notes:
• Most of the family died about the same time – this period was during the plague in London. Only 2 of 9 children made it past early adulthood.
• The legend as to the beginning of the family name is that Julius Caesar, while inspecting the Roman military camp at Gaul at twilight, was surrounded by hostile Gaelic warriors. Caesar’s bravery caused the leader of the band to spare his life. In the course of time that leader, himself a captive of Caesar, was freed and made a personal attendant of Caesar. Although Romans only were permitted to bear arms, an exception was made for that Gaelic leader, and he became known by the latin names of “telum” or “dart”, and “ferro” which means “to bear.” (S) A Hist. of Caroline Co. VA, by Wingfield, 1969, P470.
• The favorite wife of King John of England was Isabel, daughter of Count Aymer de Taillefer, the swordsmith.
• Bartholomew’s will: “To my four sons Scipio Fraunces Isack and Jeromme Two hundred pounds sterling when they shall be of the age of Twenty one years. To Elizabeth my daughter to be given at her marriage one hundred pounds sterling, meaning that she shall not marry until she be of the age of sixteen years or according to the will of her mother. To Jone my wife one hundred pounds sterling, if she marries again. If she does not, she is to have the profits of all my estate, and then one hundred pounds when my sons are of the age of twenty one years. I ordain my overseers of the things contained in this my Testament and Last will John Francisco Soprani Fraunces Rizzo and Phillippe Bernardi. I do give five pounds sterling to our parish of St. Ollaves on conditions that they shall discharge my family of the taxation of the poor of the said parish so long as my wife, sons and daughter shall jointly dwell in the same. And not discharging them of the said taxation they shall pay them nothing. Unto Margery my servant five shillings sterling. I declare that I have two obligations of Cornelius De Neme, one of one hundred pounds which is paid, but the other of one hundred and twenty five pounds is in force and is due to me. Made in the City of London the eighteenth day of September 1601 Subscribed in the presence of Jeromme Lopez, Pompilio Gaetani, Henry Valesi, William Parkyns.” (S) Perogative Court of Cantebury, 29 Montague.

Children of Bartholomew and Joane:

i. Katherine Taliaferro, baptized 11/29/1584 at St. Olave’s.
1/12/1584, Katherine buried at St. Olave’s.

ii. Horatio Taliaferro, baptized 1/16/1585 at St. Olave’s.
7/21/1593, Horatio buried at St. Olave’s.

iii. Scipio Taliaferro, baptized 2/25/1587 at St. Olave’s.
9/18/1601 Scipio named in his father’s will.
9/6/1609 Scipio wrote his will, proved 10/27/1609, Commissary Court of London.
9/7/1609, Scipio buried at St. Botolph’s, Bishopsgate, London.

iv. Francis Taliaferro ( 1072), born 1/7/1589 in England.

v. Issac Taliaferro, baptized 3/18/1592 at St. Olave’s. [twin]
9/18/1601 Issac named in his father’s will.
9/6/1609 Issac named in his brother’s will.
8/2/1610, Issac buried at St. Botolph’s, Bishopsgate, London.

vi. Jacob Taliaferro, baptized 3/18/1592 at St. Olave’s. [twin]
8/2/1593, Jacob buried at St. Olave’s.

vii. Elyzabeth Taliaferro, baptized 1/26/1594 at St. Olave’s.
9/18/1601 Elizabeth named in her father’s will.
Elizabeth adopted by Thomas Graye.
9/6/1609 Elizabeth named in her brother’s will.
2/27/1611, Elizabeth married her step-brother William Graye, at St. Botolph’s, Bishopsgate, by license of the Bishop of London.
1617, Elizabeth named in the will of her stepfather.

viii. Bartholomew Taliaferro, baptized 12/9/1596 at St. Olave’s.
12/10/1596, Bartholomew buried at St. Olave’s.

ix. Jeromme Taliaferro, born 1598.
9/18/1601 Jeromme named in his father’s will.
9/6/1609 Jeromme named in his brother’s will.
9/7/1609, Jeromme buried at St. Botolph’s, Bishopsgate, London.

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