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Friday, April 9, 2010

John Brundish & Rachel Hubbard

2434. John Brundish & 2435. Rachel Hubbard [Eng, CT]

1593, John born in England s/o 4868. Thomas Brundish & 4869. Agnes Thompson.
6/5/1593, John baptized in Rattlesden Parish, Co. Suffolk.
~1600 Rachel born Mendleson, Suffolk Co. England, d/o 4870. James Hubbard and 4871. Naomi Cook.
1621, John married Rachel in Belstead Parish, England. (S) The Washington Ancestry, P544.
10/10/1633, John & Rachel left Felsham Parish for MA.
They lived on what is now Sandy Lane in Waterstown, MA.
12/15/1635, John, a tanner, made a freeman in Waterstown.
John moved to Wethersfield, CT. (S) A Catalogue of the Names of the First Puritan Settlers of the Colony of Connecticut, 1846, P164.
5/20/1639, An original unrecorded deed, not signed by the grantor John Brundish, witnessed by Andrew Ward, Edmund Wood, and Robert Rose. The second part dated 11/23/1639 is a confirmation given by the widow as Adm’x. and states: “but Providence so disposing of the aforesayd John Brundishe that before the tym that the money was due & ye writing confermed He put an end unto his lyf.”
1639 John died [apparently commiting suicide] in Wethersfield, CT.
10/27/1639, John’s inventory: Imp. his weareing apparrell, £3. His two bedds compleat, £6. Two pre of sheets with two pillowberes, £1. In brasse and pewter, £5. One chest, a boxe, a small cubbert & a table, £3. Cushens, stooles & chaires, £0.10s. Tramels, tongs, fier pan, bellows, cobirons, rostiron, spitt and frying pan, £1.5s. In working tooles, £4.5s. Twelue bushells of Rye, £4.16s. About fourscore and ten bushs of Indean corne, £18. One horse and a mare, £48. One cow, two heifers, two calves, £55. In hay, £7.10s. In debts due unto him, £15. Books, £2. Debts due to be paid out, £62.10s. Her howse and land valued at £130. She hath 5 children, the two eldes girls, the next a boy, the other 2 girles. (S) The public records of the colony of Connecticut [1636-1776]: transcribed and published, 1850. [Rachel was granted the chattels and the real estate was to be for the childrens portion. An added note specified she had 14 acres of meadow, 6 acres in Penny wise, her howse lott 3 acres.]
4/2/1640, “£30 to the sonne and £25 a peece to each of the 4 daughters to be payd into the Court for their use when each of them come to the age of sixteene years and in the meantyme the widow to have the use of the land for bringing up the children.” (S) Court of the Colony of Connecticut on April 2, 1640, relating to the estate of John Brundish.
5/1/1641, Rachel sold out all of the family property.
8/1642, Rachel married 2nd Anthony Wilson, who settled John’s estate, and moved with him to Fairfield.
~1648 Rachel died in Fairfield, CT. At Rachel’s death, Anthony Wilson was to have the home lot in Fairfield that was Rachel Brundish’s, and to pay legacies to the children, John Brundish, Mary wife of Francis Purdy, Bethia Brundish and Posthume. The tanner’s tools had been sold, and John was to have the money. [Anthony remarried.]
(S) Abstract of Probate Records At Fairfield, Co. of Fairfield and State of CT, Mead, V1, 1648-56, P4. (S) History and Genealogy of the Families of Old Fairfield, Donald Lines Jacobus, 1930.

Family notes:
• The spelling of the name later changed to Brundage or Brundig.
• [No date]: “John, late of Weathersfield, estate settled by Anthony Wilson and ordered distributed to his widow Rachel Brundish, and children Mary wife of Francis Purdie, Bertha Brundish, about 18 years of age, Posthume Brundish, and John Brundish, of age. John is to have the young mare, and the son of Francis Purdie the first colt. Rachel Brundish formerly owned lot at Fairfield”.

Children of Joseph and Rachel:

i. Mary Brundish ( 1217), born ~1620 in England.

ii. Posthume Brundish, born ~1627.
~1657, Posthume married John Winter.

iii. John Brundish, born ~1630.
John moved to Manasung Island on Long Island Sound.
John married Hannah Hunt.
1/17/1653, Henry Whelpley’s land in Fairfield: “in the old feild being in quantety one acre being more or less: bounded on the northwest with the Land of John Brundish”.
1662, John one of 13 proprietors of “the salt meadows within Hastings”.
4/28/1663, John by purchase with others a principal proprietor of Manusing Island and Poingoe Neck.
9/1664, Rye became a part of Fairfield Co., CT.
5/24/1667, “John Brundish of Rye, having formerly sold to his father-in-law Anthony Wilson, land in Fairfield, “exempts such lands as the heirs of Francis Purdy possess, except that Joseph Taylor now posseses the remainder of my lands not above exempted.”
11/17/1670, John attended a Rye town meeting. (S) Hist. of the Protestant Episcopal Church, Co. of Westchester, from Its Foundation, Bolton, 1855, P132.
1672, John Brondij one of 12 proprietors of the salt meadows in Rye.
John “first Town Clerk” of Rye, and one of the original founders. He served as the clerk of the town for over 30 years. He was a representative to the General Court at Hartford, was selected to lay out new land areas, and was a church warden. He was referred to as “Stout Old John” Brundage.
1677, John Deputy of Rye.
5/8/1679, John, as an administrator of the estate of John Purdy608, deeded land to Francis Purdy, John’s brother.
1683, inhabitants of Rye: Hachaliah Brown, John Brondig, John Purdy, Francis Purdy, Deliverance Brown, Daniel Brondig, Peter Brown, Joseph Purdy.
8/29/1684, John named an overseer in the will of John Hoyt; his sister Mary’s 2nd husband.
11/23/1686, the town of Rye empowered John and Ben Coyler “to treat with the Governor for a general patent for the township of Rye.”
6/27/1693, John Brondig, Hachaliah Brown, and others appointed a committee to procure a minister for the church. (S) Hist. of the Protestant Episcopal Church, Co. of Westchester, from Its Foundation, Bolton, 1855, P135.
5/21/1696, John Brundage “made application for himself and Richard Griffin” to purchase 100 acres in Westchester Co.
1697 John died in Rye, Westchester Co., NY.
10/2/1697, John’s estate was inventoried at 73 Pound Sterling for chattels and 220 Pound Sterling in land and housing. His four sons filed articles of agreement on the distribution of the estate, including provision for their mother.
(S) History of Westchester Co., Bolton, 1905.
Ruth Brondig, born ? in NY.
9/14/1689 in Stamford, she married Richard Scofield.
John Brondig, born ? in NY.
Joseph Brondig, born ? in NY.
Daniel Brondig, born ? in NY.
Mary Brondig, born ? in NY.
Joshua Brondig, born ? in NY.
Hannah Brondig, born ? in NY.

iv. Berthia Brundish, born ~1637.
~1658 in Greenwich Berthia married Timothy Knapp, born in Wethersfield, CT.

v. Posthume Brundish, born ~1639.
From name she was likely born after the death of her father.
Posthume [likely] married John Winter. They lived in Westchester, NY.

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