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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Nicolas Hebert & Jacqueline Pajot

2744. Nicolas Hebert & 2745. Jacqueline Pajot [Fra]

1536–1540, Jacqueline born in Paris, France, d/o 5490. Simon Pajot & 5491. Jeanne Guerineau.
10/24/1547, Nicolas born in St-Germaine-des-Pres, Paris, France; s/o 5488. Joannes Hebert & 5489. Joanna ?.
Jacqueline 1st married Louis de Cueilly [with whom had 3 children: Jacques, Joseph, Anne.]
1564 Nicolas married Jacqueline in St-Germaine-des-Pres, Paris, France. Jacqueline had 3 children and her family’s property.
They lived at 129 St. Honore Street in Paris [south side of the street]. Apothecary and spice merchant at St-Germain-des-Pres, Paris; he was a druggist to Queen Catharine de Medicis, and he and his son Louis were almost certain to have had unusual access to the palace. Nicolas had inherited; through his mother’s family; a large estate which included the Haute-Saint-Mande and it’s vineyards. He also owned property that he purchased himself: the Coeur Royal, the Trois Piliers and the Mortier d’or [House of the Golden Mortar – where they lived], all on the south side of the famous Rue Saint-Honore in Paris. The house was large, built in 1415, for a wine merchant, Jehan de Paris. It was made of stone with two separate living quarters. The ground floor housed the store where Nicholas dispensed his spice and medicines. From the back of the store there was an alley which opened out to the street, ending with stairs leading to the upper stories and the court. The second floor had two large rooms with fireplaces, one facing the street and the other the courtyard. The third floor, under the gable, faced the street, and had five smaller rooms, three of which had fireplaces. An attic topped it all, and the roof was made of tile. In the courtyard, there was a small living quarters with a passageway to all of his properties.
7/27/1569, as with many of the bourgeoise, Nicolas had supported the Guise [Catholic League] in the Religious Wars [which began in 1652], and soon found himself in financial trouble. He was forced to sell Coeur Royal.
1570, Nicolas had to mortgage Mortier d’or.
10/3/1572, Nicolas was the administrator of his mother-in-law’s estate. The Saint-Mande house, with the vineyards, became the inheritance of Jacqueline and Nicolas. The Pajot family turned against Nicolas and his new wife, accusing them, before the provost of Paris, of owing them various sums of money and objects from Jacqueline’s estate. The matter was settled out of court, but only added to their already strapped financial situation.
1/23/1573, Nicolas, being brought to court by Jacqueline’s sibling over his handling of their mother’s estate, agrees to give each 150 pounds.
1575, Nicolas is again in court with his in-laws because of money collected from estate assets. They were awarded a significant some of money to be distributed equally.
6/27/1579, Nicolas and Jacqueline entered into a contract with Jean de Peiras.
7/15/1580 Jacqueline died in Paris as the result of a fall. Nicolas contracted Jean de Peiras to tutor his children.
8/1582–4/1584 Nicholas married 2nd Marie Auvry, widow of Jean Maheaut, mother of 5 children.
1589, some of Nicolas’ goods were seized over an inheritance issue with a new sister-in-law. Nicolas was on the verge of bankruptcy. Nicolas had to borrow heavily and when he found that he was unable to meet his commitments, he was taken to court and forced to sell his remaining shares in Mortier d’or. However, even this was not enough and subsequently he was sent to prison for two years in the Chatelet. Because he was still considered to be of upper class; his family had to pay for his keep. His son-in-law, Nicolas Maheut, had to pay the rate of 30 ecus per year for food and the jailer 26 ecus. By the time Nicholas was released he was very ill. His second wife Marie had passed away so he left Paris and settled in Saint-Germain.
Nicholas married 3rd Renee Savoreau. She had many financial interests in the Chartres region.
1/8/1600, Nicholas conducted a transaction for a tennis court. His hand was shaky and his signature is incomplete.
Bef. 2/3/1601 Nicholas died in St-Germaine-des-Pres, Paris, France. There is no record of his death, but a notary records him as deceased. (S) Central Min., V1, P141.
(S) Rene Jette, 561.

Children of Nicholas and Jacqueline:

i. Charlotte Hebert, born 1564 in Paris, France.
1583 in Paris, Charlotte married Nicolas Maheut, her step brother.

ii. Jacques Hebert, born ~1568 in La Hayes Descartes, Balsne, France.

iii. Louis Gaston Hebert ( 1372), born 1575.

iv. Marie Hebert, born 1577 in Paris, France.
1602 Marie married Thomas de la Ruelle, a book seller.