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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Guillaume Langlois & Jeanne Millet

2750. Guillaume Langlois & 2751. Jeanne Millet [Fra]

1566 Guillaume born in of Alencon, Normandy, France.
1570 Jeanne born in St. Leonard, Parcs, Normandy, France.
~ 1582, Jeanne christened in Calvados, France
1598 Guillaume married Jeanne in Alencon, Normandy, France.
Bef. 7/25/1634, both Guillaume and Jeanne died in France.

Children of Guillaume and Jeanne:

i. Françoise Langlois ( 1375), born ~1584.

ii. Marguerite Langlois, born 1592 in France.
Marguerite married 1st Abraham Martin [his 2nd marriage], known as “the Scot”.
8/30/1620, from France they arrived in Quebec.
7/24/1629, after the capture of Quebec by Kirke, they return to France.
1633, they returned to New France.
Abraham began the first charts of the St. Lawrence river.
12/19/1662, Noel Morin1480, Abraham Martin, and Jacques Rate h/o Anne Martin d/o Abraham, attended the wedding of Pierre Biron.
9/8/1664, Abraham died in Quebec.
2/17/1665, Marguerite married Rene Branche. Noel Morin1480, was present at the wedding.
12/17/1665, Marguerite buried in Quebec.
Eustace Martin, baptized 10/24/1621 in Quebec.
His godmother was Marie Guillemette Hebert1372ii.
Marguerite Martin, born 1/4/1624 in Quebec.
5/22/1638, she married Etienne Racine.
Helen Martin, baptized 6/21/1627 in Quebec.
Her godmother was her aunt Francoise.
Marie Martin, born 1635 in Quebec.
Her godmother was Marie Rolet1373.
She married Jean Cloutier, s/o Zacharie Cloutier.
Anne Martin, born 1645 in Quebec.
She married Jacques Rate.

iii. Jean Langlois, born ~1604 in France.

iv. Noel Langlois dit Boisverdure, born 1606 in Normandy, France.
7/25/1634, Noel, a pilot, married Françoise Grenier. (S) Tanguay.
1637, Noel received 300 acres in Beauport from Giffard.
1641, Noel and Jean Cote contracted to supply 500 bundles of hay at 80 livres per bundle.
8/10/1659, at Quebec, Msgr. de Laval administered the sacrament of Confirmation to Noel Langlois, 52 years old.
11/1/1665, Françoise died in Quebec.
7/7/1666, Noel, widower of Francoise, married widow Marie Crevet, widow of Robert Caron.
7/15/1684, Noel died in Beauport, said to be the oldest citizen in the country. (S) Tanguay.
Jeanne Langlois, born ?
1/9/1656 she married Rene Chevalier, s/o Rene.
Marie Langlois, born ?
8/10/1660 she married Francois Miville, s/o Pierre.
Noel Langlois, born 12/7/1651 in Quebec.
Jean Langlois, born ?

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