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Thursday, April 22, 2010

32978 Thomas Wymbish

32978.  Thomas Wymbish {Cox}

1431, Thomas born in Nocton, Lincolnshire, England.
6/10/1505, Thomas, age 74, died.

Family notes:
• There are multiple persons of this name that could the the father of Katherine. The family had long been established at Nocton.
• A Thomas Wymbish was succeeded by his great grandson, young Thomas Wymbish at the age of nine years, in 1530. While still under age he married Elizabeth Lady Tailboys of Kyme, a baroness in her own right, and a great heiress. On Thursday October 13th 1541, these young people were honoured by a visit from King Henry VIII and his fifth Queen, Katherine Howard who stayed the night at Nocton with Thomas Wymbish, ‘a relative’ (of Elizabeth). [This Thomas died leaving no heirs.]

Child of Thomas and ?:

i. Katherine Wymbish (16489), born ~1470 in Lincolnshire, England.