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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Cox 4122 & 4123

4122. Sir William Heneage & 4123. Anne Fishbourne [Eng]

~1534, William born in Benniworth, England, s/o 8244. John Heneage and 8245. Anne Cope.
~1535, Anne born in Careby, England, d/o 8246. Ralph Fishbourne “of Coates-by-Stow”.
~1554, William married Anne. (S) Reports and Papers of the Architectural and Archaeological Societies of the Counties of Lincoln, Univ. of Michigan. [Documented on a monument within a church.]
6/29/1585, Anne died in England.
1585, William “of Hainton” Sheriff of Lincolnshire in reign of Queen Elizabeth.
William 2nd married Jane Brussells, “gentlewoman to the Privy Chamber of Queen Elizabeth”.
9/15/1594, William’s brother George [the family heir] left William his lands, silver and plate in his will.
11/24/1596, Jane died.
1598, Sir William a Sheriff of Lincolnshire and a Knight.
8/15/1599, William wrote a letter to Sir Robert Cecil: “Being now sheriff of the county of Lincoln, I have received charge to send to London a lance and two light horse; I am informed that no sheriff in any other county has any charge now imposed upon them, in addition to the charges of their office; but I have sent up my son, the bearer of this letter, with three lances furnished, whom I beseech you to employ in your service, or if not in that, where you may think fit. Hynton, 15 August 1599. /s/. (S) Calendar of the manuscripts of the ... marquis of Salisbury ... preserved at Hatfield house, Publ. 1902, P302.
3/29/1610, William died in England.
(S) Lincolnshire Pedigrees, Arthur Roland Maddison, 1903, P483. (S) Burke’s Genealogy, 1847, P559.

Children of William and Anne:

i. Sir Thomas Heneage, born 1554 in England.
Thomas “of Hainton”.
Thomas married Barbara Guildford, d/o Sir Thomas of Hemsted, co. Kent.
6/5/1613, Thomas died.

ii. Sir George Heneage, born 1558 in England.
George married Mary Bussy, d/o John of Haydor.
5/8/1631 George died.

iii. Anne Heneage, born 1562 in England.
Anne married Nicholas Wilson of Sheepwash and Strubby.
Bef. 1605, Nicholas died.

iv. Katherine Heneage ( 2061), born ~1570 in England.

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