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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Cox 4870 & 4871

4870. James Hubbard & 4871. Naomi Cocke [Eng, MA]

~1570 James born in Mendelsham, Suffock, England, s/o 9740. Thomas Hubbard.
~1570 Naomi born in England; d/o 9742. Thomas Cocke.
~1590, James married Naomi.
They lived in Ipswich.
1609, “Inventory of goods and movables of Henry Jesopp of Mendlesham, prised by Thomas Keble, William Whiting, James Hubbard, Anthony Burton and others.” (S) UKNA.
Aft. 1610, Naomi died.
5/26/1655, James died in Mendelsham.
(S) The Form of Man: European Attitudes Towards the Maghreb in the 18th Century, Lucia Lermond, 1987, P138.

Family notes:
• The following letter was written from Westerly, August 4, 1666, by Mrs. Ruth Burdick to her father, Samuel Hubbard, at Newport: “Most loving and dear father and mother, my duty with my husband and children presented unto you with all my dear friends. My longing desire is to hear from you, how your hearts are borne up above these troubles which are come upon us and are coming as we fear; for we have the rumors of war, and that almost every day. Even now we have heard from your Island by some Indians, who declared unto us that the French have done some mischief up the coast, and we have heard that 1200 Frenchmen have joined with the Mohawks to clear the land both of English and of Indians. But I trust in the Lord, if such a thing be intended, that he will not suffer such a thing to be. My desire and prayer to God is, that he will be pleased to fulfil his promise to us, that is, that as in the world we shall have troubles, so in him we shall have peace. The Lord of comfort, comfort your body and our hearts, and give us peace in believing and joy in the Holy Ghost. Oh that the Lord would be pleased to fill out hearts with his good spirit, that we may be carried above all these things! and that we may remember his saying, ‘When ye see these things come to pass, lift up your heads, knowing that your redemption draws nigh.’ Then if these things be the certain sign of our Lord’s return, let us mind his command, that is, pray always that ye may be counted worthy to escape all these things, and to stand before the son of man. Let us have boldness to come unto him in the new and living way which he has prepared for us. Through grace I find the Lord doth bear up the spirits of his in this place, in some comfortable measure to be looking above these things, the Lord increase more and more unto the day of his appearing, which I hope is at hand. Dear father and mother, the Lord hath been pleased to give us here many sweet and comfortable days of refreshing, which is great cause of thankfulness, and my desire is that we may highly prize it, and you with us give the Lord praise for his benefit. I pray remember my love to all my dear friends with you in fellowship. Sister Saunders desires to be remember to you all, so doth sister Clarke. Your daughter, to my power. Ruth Burdick”

Children of James and Naomi:

i. James Hubbard Jr, born ~1591 in England.
8/14/1603, James baptized in Mendolsham, Suffolk, England.
~1628, James married Sarah Ives. [She later married Wm Hamlet]
1/26/1639, James buried in Watertown, MA.
James Hubbard, born 1631 in Watertown, MA.
1693, he died.
Sarah Hubbard, born ~1636 in Watertown, MA.
Thomas Hubbard, born 10/1638 in Watertown, MA.
1671, he died.

ii. Sarah Hubbard, born 1593 in England.
Sarah married John Jackson.
Robert Jackson, born ? in England.

iii. Rachel Hubbard ( 2435), born ~1600 in Suffolk Co., England.

iv. Thomas Hubbard, born 1604 in England.
Thomas married Esther ?.

v. Benjamin Hubbard, born 1608 in England.
Benjamin married Alice Ward.
Benjamin Hubbard Jr, born ? in England.
Echabod Hubbard, born ? in England.
Elizabeth Hubbard, born ? in England.
Thomas Hubbard, born ? in England.
Hannah Hubbard, born ? in England.
James Hubbard, born ? in England.

vi. Samuel Hubbard, born 1610 in Mendolsham, Suffolk, England.
10/1633 Samuel left England for Salem, MA in the “great migration”.
1634, Samuel moved to Watertown, MA. in.
1635, Samuel joined the church and move to become a founder of CT.
1/4/1636 at Winsor, CT, Samuel married Tacey Cooper, born 1608 in England, d/o Thomas Cooper & Mary Raynor.
1639, they moved to Springfield, MA.
5/1647, they moved to Fairfield, CT.
11/3/1648 in Fairfield, Samuel and his wife baptized by John Clarke into the Baptist Church.
8/7/1651, Samuel was in Boston visiting imprisoned “brethren”.
They moved to Newport, RI in search of religious freedom.
1664, Samuel the General Solicitor of the Colony.
12/23/1671 in Newport, Samuel, with his wife, 1 daughter, and 4 other persons, a founder of the Seventh-Day Adventist Church in America. There are hundreds of documents, many hand-written by Samuel, from 1641 to 1688. He is the primary source of this family genealogy.
1688–1692, Samuel died. Their gravestones existed in 1763 and were recorded by Ezra Stiles. They were demolished in about 1765 and used in a wall. (S) Literary Diary of Ezra Stiles, V3, P82.
1697, Tacey died.
Naomi Hubbard I, born ?. [Died as an infant.]
Naomi Hubbard II, born ?. [Died as an infant.]
Ruth Hubbard, born 1/11/1640 in Springfield, MA.
11/2/1655 in Newport, 15 years old, she married Robert Burdick.
1691, she died in Westerly, RI.
Rachel Hubbard, born 3/7/1643 in Springfield, MA.
11/3/1658 in Newport, RI, she married Andrew Langworthy.
1712, she died.
Samuel Hubbard Jr I, born ?. [Died as an infant.]
Bethia Hubbard, born 12/29/1646 in Springfield, MA.
11/16/1664 in Westerly, RI, she married Joseph Clark.
4/17/1707, she died.
Samuel Hubbard Jr II, born 11/30/1649 in RI.
1/20/1671, he died in Newport, RI.

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