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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Simon Pajot & Jeanne Guerineau

5490. Simon Pajot & 5491. Jeanne Guerineau [Fra]

1510, Simon born in St. Cerrais, Ile De France, France .
1514, Jeanne born in St. Martin’s Parish, Paris, France.
1535 in St. Martin’s Parish, Simon married Jeanne.
10/24/1547 Nicolas christened: St. Germaine, Paris, Ile Dr France, France.
The Pajot family was a wealthy Bourgeoise family of Paris. The family had made their fortune in animal fat, or more precisely the tallow rendered to make candles, a necessary commodity before the invention of electricity. They lived in the vicinity of Porte Baudoyer.
Bef. 11/9/1563 Simon died.
11/9/1563, in Paris, an inventory is made of Simon’s possessions after his death. These included 4 houses and a vinyard.
1/28/1658, Jeanne and her son Hughes bought a 5th house that was associated with Jan de Peiras, who would be involved in future dealings with daughter Jacqueline’s family.
10/3/1572, in the house bought in 1658, Jeanne wrote her “testament” in Seine, Paris, France. Jeanne is buried in the Cemetery of St-Gervais Church, Paris, France, in the chapel Carbonne, near her husband. Son-in-law Nicholas Hebert was the administrator of her estate. She left her house to son Hughes. She left 1200 pounds to her grandchildren by Jacqueline, Issac, and Jeanne. The house with the vinyard went to Jacqueline and her husband.
Bef. 10/16/1572 Jeanne died. Nicholas completed an inventory of her goods.
(S) Rene Jette, 561.

Family notes: Simon Pajot:
• He was master candlestick maker for the middle class in St-Gervais Parish, Paris, France. Simon had 9 brothers and sisters. One sibling, Etienne was an apothecary, and a sister Jeanne married a grocer.

Children of Simon and Jeanne:

i. Jacqueline Pajot ( 2745), born 1536–1540 in Paris, France.

ii. Guillaume Pajot, born ~1542 in Siene, Paris, France.
Guillaume married Marguerite de la Boyssiere.
Guillaume was a candle maker.
Bef. 1601 Guillaume died.

iii. Hughes Pajot.
Hughes married Barbe Millardot.
1602, Hughes died.
Guillaume Pajot – a notary in Paris.
Henri Pajot – a hat merchant.
Marguerite Pajot.
She married another candle maker, Francois Pillart.
Thomasse Pajot.
She married candle maker Etienne Cayn.
Louise Pajot.
She married the haberdasher to the Royal Family, Jean Aubert.

iv. Isaac Pajot, born 1546 in Siene, Paris, France.
1566 in Paris, Isaac – Seigneur de Guibermesnil, married Catherine Gaude.
Issac was a candle maker.
Bef. 8/14/1590 Issac died in Paris.
Children :
Valentin Pajot, born ~1568.
Marie Claude Pajot, born ~1570.
8/14/1590, she married Jean de Poitrincourt.
2/26/1610, they traveled to New France where they stayed for only a short time.
1615, Marie died in Cayeux, Picardy, Paris.
Catherine Pajot, born ~1572.
She married Jean de La Motte.

v. Jeanne Pajot, born ~ 1550 in Siene, Paris, France.
Jehanne married Mathieu Bedeau.

vi. Jean Pajot.
Jean married Catherine Sambiges.
Jean was a lumber merchant.