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Friday, April 2, 2010

Pierre Martin & Catherine Olivie Vigneault

674. Pierre Martin & 675. Catherine Olivie Vigneault [Fra, Can] {&1634&1890}

1601, Pierre born in Bourgueil, Indre, France; s/o 1348. Rene Martin & 1349. Etinnette Poyrier.
1603, Catherine born in St. Sauveur, Charente, France; d/o 1350. Oliver Vigneau & 1351. Renee Courtin.
6/30/1630 Pierre married Catherine in St. Germaine De Bourgueil, Indre-et-Loire, France, between Tours & Saumur. [Originally part of Anjou.]. (S) Record of Sainte Germaine de Bourgeuil, Department de L’Indre et Loire. [This record also establishes Pierre as the son of Rene and Estinne.]
5/10/1632 in St Germain, Bourgueil, Touraine, Anjou, Indre-et-Loire, France; Pierre baptized.
~1635, Pierre’s one of 22 farming families from Anjou who agreed to start new lives in Acadia under the command of Nicolas Le Creux, Sieur du Breuil.
4/1/1636, “Pierre Martin, farmer, with his wife and one child, living in Bourgueil” departed on the ship “St-Jehan”, from d’Auray (La Rochelle), France. (S) St-Jehan passenger list. [The Treaty of Saint-Germain en Laye had just recognized Acadia as a French possession.]
After 1636 the colony moved (form La Havre near present day Halifax) to Port-Royal.
1671 Census of Port Royal. Pierre 70, & Catherine 68, with 5 living children, 2 sons & 3 married daughters. He has 7 cattle and 8 sheep.
Bef. 1678, Pierre died in Port Royal, Nova Scotia, Canada.
(S) Old Families of LA, Arthur, 1931, P384. (S) Arsenault.

Children of Pierre and Catherine:

i. Etienne Martin, baptized 6/1/1631, St. Germaine, Bourgueil, Indre, France.
Etinne’s godparents were Monsignor Étienne Gosset, priest, treasurer and chaplain of Bourgueil and his aunt Jeanne Vigneau1350ii.
Bef. 4/1636 Etinne died.

ii. Pierre Martin, baptized 10/5/1632, St. Germaine, Bourgueil, Indre, France.
~1655, Pierre married Anne Ouestnorouest [Amérindienne]. (S) 1671 Census.
1671 Census at Port Royal, “Pierre le jeune age de 40 ans”, Anne 27, 4 children, 11 cattle, 9 sheep.
~1685 Anne died.
1686 in Port Royal, Pierre Martin (widower) 50; children : Pierre 23, Andre 20, Jacques 19, Jean 15, Cecille 10, Marie 8, Renee 6; 5 arpents worked land, 10 cattle, 10 sheep, 8 hogs.
~1688 Pierre married widow Jeanne De La Rousseliere, born 1635 in Xantes, Saintonge, France.
1693, Pierre in Port Royal.
1700, Pierre in Port Royal.
1701, Pierre in Port Royal.
Children: (S) 1671 Census.
Pierre Martin II, born ~1662.
~1686 he married married Anne Godin dit Châtillon.
12/14/1739 he was buried in Sainte-Pierre.
Rene Martin II, born ~1663.
Andree Martin, born ~1666.
Jacques Martin, born 1668.
1686 Census, Jacques a domestique for Pierre Thériot.
Jean Martin, born ~1671.
~1696 he married married Madeleine Babin.
9/7/1732, Jean died in Louisbourg, l’ile Royale (Cap Breton), Nouvelle Ecosse, Canada.
Cecile Martin, born ~1675.
Marie Martin, born ~1678.
2/11/1710 in Port Royal Marie married Jean-Baptiste Pellerin.
11/11/1746, Marie died in Port Royale (Annapolis Royal), Nouvelle Ecosse, Canada.
Rene Martin, born ~1680.
(S) Old Families of LA, Arthur, 1931, P384.

iii. Urbaine Martin, baptized 3/31/1634, St. Germaine, Bourgueil, Indre, France.
Bef. 4/1636 Urbaine died.

iv. Mathieu Martin, born 1636.
Mathieu recognized as the first child of French parentage born in the newly “French” Acadia.
1671, at Port Royal, unmarried, a “weaver”, 4 cattle, 3 sheep. (S) 1671 Census of Acadia.
1680, Mathieu received an “enfeoffment” of lands near Grand Pre, and was christened a nobel as “Sieur Mathieu di Saint-Martin”.
Mathieu married between 1693 & 1700, wife unknown and leaving no children – his title and lands going to his brother Pierre’s family.
(S) Old Families of LA, Arthur, 1931, P384.

v. Marie Madeleine Martin ( 337), born 1637.

vi. Margarite Martin, born ~1639 in Acadia.
1667 in Cobequid, l’Acadie Margarite married Jean Bourg, s/o Antoine Bourg & Antoinette Landry.
1671 Census of Port Royal, 2 children, 3 cattle, 5 sheep.
1703 Jean died in Cobequid, l’Acadie.
4/24/1707 Margarite died in Port Royal, l’Acadie, buried the next day.
Marie-Anne Bourg, born 1668, Port Royale, l’Acadie.
Marguerite Bourg, born ~September 1670, Port Royale, l’Acadie.
Marie-Claire Bourg, born 1673, Port Royale, l’Acadie.
Élisabeth Isabelle Bourg, born ~1676, Port Royale, l’Acadie.
Aft. 4/24/1735 Élisabeth died.
Jean-Baptiste Bourg, born ~1684, Port Royale, l’Acadie.
2/22/1757, Jean died in Port Lajoie, l’ile Saint-Jean.

vii. Andree Martin, born ~1641 in Port Royal, Acadia.
Andree married 1st Francois Pelerin, 1636–1678.
1671 Census of Port Royal, 3 children, 1 sheep. [Anne is 2 days old].
4/24/1679 in Beaubassin, Andree married 2nd Pierre Mercier dit Codbec.
11/8/1682, they attended the wedding of Pierre’s niece Francoise Chiasson169.
1686 Census Chiqnitou dit Beaubassin; Pierre & Andree; all Pelerin children except Huguette; all Mercier children; 1 gun, 40 arpents, 6 cattle, 4 hogs.
11/15/1706 in Montmagny, Pierre & Andree celebrated the wedding of their daughter Madeleine.
1/29/1714 in Montmagny, Pierre attended the wedding of their son Alexandre [Andree listed but not present].
11/22/1716 in Quebec, both Pierre and Andree attended the wedding of their daughter Agnes.
6/1/1722, Andree listed as living in son Pierre Pelerin’s wedding documents. [Francois is listed as deceased.]
Children of Francois:
Huguette Pelerin, born 1666, Port Royale, l’Acadie.
Marie Pelerin, born ~1669, Port Royale, l’Acadie; d. August 27, 1756, l’Acadie..
Anne Pelerin, born 1671, Beaubassin, l’Acadie.
Isabelle Pelerin, born 1674, Port Royale, l’Acadie.
Jeanne Pelerin, born 1676, Beaubassin, l’Acadie;
~1703 Jeanne married 1st Guillaume Caissie, died ~1712;
~1711 Jeanne married 2nd Jacques Moyen.
4/5/1744 in St Pierre du Sud, Jeanne died.
Catherine Pelerin, born 1678, Beaubassin, l’Acadie.
~1697 she married Pierre Chantillion Godin.
5/8/1758 in St Francois du Sud, she died.
Pierre Pelerin, born 1680, Beaubassin, l’Acadie.
6/1/1722 in Quebec, he married Marie Anne Belanger, d/o Jacques.
Children of Pierre:
Joseph Mercier, born 1681.
Marie Madeleine Mercier, born 4/27/1682.
11/15/1706 in Montmagny, she married Nicolas Morin dit Valcour, s/o Alphonse687xiii.
Alexandre Mercier, born 7/27/1683.
1/29/1714 in Montmagny, he married Marie Josephe Godin. His half-brother Pierre Pelerin, and brother-in-law Nicolas Valcour, and his father attended.
1/26/1793 in St Pierre du Sud, he died.
Marie-Joseph Mercier, born 1686.
Guillaume Mercier, born 1687.
12/31/1711 in Montmagny, age 24 and single, he died. Charles Fournier & Jacques Blais attended the burial.
Agnes Mercier, born ~1690.
11/22/1716 in Quebec, she married Augustin Malbeuf dit Beausoleil.

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