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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Antoine Bouzage Sr & Françoise Touchard

704. Antoine Bouzage Sr & 705. Françoise Touchard [Fra]

~ 1642 Antoine born in Poitiers, France.
~ 1642 Françoise born in Poitiers, France.
~1668 Antoine married Françoise in France.
2/5/1670, “Today, February 5, 1670, was baptized Antoinette, born yesterday, the daughter of Anroine bouzage and Françoise touchard, her father and mother. Godparents were Dame Antoinette Bidard, who … Estienne Eugenie and declared she could not sign.” /s/ Baudin, Cure. (S) Poitiers, St. Didier, Reg. 79, P60.
3/1/1675, “On March 1, 1675 was born and baptized Marie, daughter of Antoine Bouzage and Francosie Touschard. Her father and mother, of the parish of St. Opportune. Godparents were Louis Plunmeaux and Marie Thevenet.” /s/ Guerry, priest. (S) Dept. of Vienne, St. Opportune.
11/19/1676, “On November 19, 1676, was born and baptized on the same day, Antoine, son of Antoine Bouzage and Francoise Touschard, of the parish of St. Opportune, his father and mother. The godfather was Antoine Pincteau, son of Mr. Pincteau, the godmother, Francoise Guerais. The godfather said he could not sign.” /s/ Guerry, priest. (S) Dept. of Vienne, St. Opportune.
2/9/1681, “On February 9, 1681, I baptized Perinne, born on February 8, the daughter of Antoine Bouzage and Francoise Touschard. The godparents were Cheuve Abrion, and Perrine Beralt.” /s/ Chevalier, Cure. (S) Poitiers, St. Didier, Reg. 80, P153.
10/8/1685, “On October 8, 1685, the body of Radigonde Bouzage, between ten and twelve years old, was interred in the cemetery. She was born in 1673 or 1675.” /s/ Charlebois, Cure. (S) Poitiers, St. Didier, Reg. 81, P32.
1/21/1692 they authorized the wedding of Antoinette. Contract of marriage – Gilles Berlot and Antoinette Bouzage, (S) Municipal Archives of Poitiers, “Before the royal notaries of Poitiers, undersigned, appeared in person and personnaly established, Gilles Berlot, carpenter, living in the parish of St. Didier, son of Blaise Berlot and Catherine Masson of the parish of Lie-en-Berry the one part, and Antoinette Bouzage, daughter of Antoine bozage, merchant, and Francoise Touchard, living at Poitiers, parish St. Didier, on the other part, the agreements of marriage between them follow, knowing that Giles Berlot in his voluntary consent and authority from Blaise Berlot, his father, by power of attorney on December 27 last year, received from Robert, the Notary, who was represented by ? Chenin, Jr., merchant, living in Poitiers, who countersigned it, and with the advice of his parents and friends assembled, has promised to tiake the said Bozage for his wife and legitmate spouse, as also in the same way does the said Bozage, with her consent and authority of the said Bouzage and Touchard, her parents, living at Poitier, parish of St. Didier, present and personally established, who have well and dully authorized with the advice of her parents and friends assembled, has promised to take giles Berlot for her husband and legitimate spouse, while they will be one with the other called upon and required for all formalities of our holy mother the Catholic, Apostolic and Roman Church previously taken care of and observed. The said future spouses take each other will all of their goods and rights as they are to live in common according to the custom of the Poitou area from the day of the nuptial blessing. In favor of the future marriage, Mr. and Mrs. Bozage duly authorize by these presents to give a dowry to the said Antoinette, their daughter, on the day of the nuptial blessing, consisting of a wooden bedstead of walnut with its mattress, a feather bed with a head-piece covered with feathers, a white wool covering, plus a small trunk with ?, an oak table, two straw chairs, four sheets of four ells each made of common new linen, six linen napkins, two linen table cloths of one ell each, one small sauce pan, a small stove for frying, a cauldron of one-pail capacity, and at ? (propartee) stated to have cloths at her use which she got and which pieces are not particularly specified, as to the furniture they will enter their community of property with the sum of 50 livres and the surplus, with her other rights, will be accounted her proper and ancient domain and she cannot dispose of it. He will also take to the community the same sum of 50 livres which will be made part of the community, and the surplus will be his proper and ancient domain and he cannot dispose of it. In case of dissolution of the said community by death or another reason, the choice in the said community property will be to accept or renounce it and in case where they renounce it, they would have to retake all that they would justified in and have brought to the community, free and discharged of all debt, and the said community property or the heirs will be held ... in manner of the custom of the Poitou area, on the goods ?. Because the parties have respectively wishes, consented, stipulated and accepted to do and accomplish this they have ? obliged and mortgaged all and each their goods present and to come. Done and passed at Poitiers in the study of the undersigned notaries, on January 21, 1692, and the said future spouses and Mr. and Mrs. Bouzage state they cannot sign.”
2/9/1706, they attended the wedding of Perrine. “Today, February 9, 1706, before our Holy Mother the Church, all ceremony and regulations being observed, with three publications of banns made in the ordinary manner on three consecutive Sundays, were married Francois Tranchant, day laborer, son of Charle Tranchant and Marie Guillemont of this parish, and Perrine Bouzage, day laborer, daughter of Antoine bouzage and Francoise Touchard, also of this parish. … done in the presence of … and other parents and friends of Antoine Bouzage and Francoise Touchard, father and mother of the bride, Antoine Bouzage, brother of the bride and many other parents and friends who signed.” (S) Poitiers, St. Didier, Reg. 84, P5.
Bef, 1710 they both died. They were not at the burial of their daughter Antoinette.
(S) Bouzage Bosarge, P1.

Family notes:
• The first mention of the name Bouzage in the early records of the archives in Poitiers is Antoine Bouzage, who was a merchant. Antoine and Françoise were living in the Parish of St. Opportune in Poitiers when their daughter Marie was born. Neither could read or write.
• “On August 18, 1710, I interred in the cemetery Antoinette Bouzage, wife of Julien Bernabe, about forty years of age, in presence of her husband and children.” /s/ J. Doucelin, Priest. (S) Poitiers, St. Didier, Reg. 84, P98.

Children of Antoine and Françoise:

i. Antoinette Bouzage, born 2/4/1670 in Poitiers, France.
(S) Family notes.
2/5/1670 Antoinette baptized.
1/21/1692 Antoinette married Giles Berlot, a carpenter, s/o Blaise and Catherine Masson of the Parish of Lie-en-Berry, a vine grower. (S) Family notes.
Antoinette married 2nd Julien Bernabe. (S) Family notes.
8/18/1710 Antoinette died. (S) Family notes.

ii. Radegonde Bouzage, born 1673-1675 in St. Opportune, Poitiers, France.
10/8/1685, buried. Radegonde died young. (S) Family notes.

iii. Marie Bouzage, born and baptized 3/1/1675 in St. Opportune, Poitiers, France.
(S) Family notes.

iv. Antoine Bouzage, Jr ( 352), born & baptized 11/19/1676 in St. Opportune, Poitiers, France.
(S) Family notes.

v. Perinne Bouzage, born 2/8/1681 in Poitiers, France.
(S) Family notes.
6/9/1704 Perinne was godmother to her brother Antoine’s daughter Louise Perinne. (S) No. 352 Family notes.
2/9/1706 Perinne married Francois Tranchant. (S) Family notes.

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