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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Cox 714 & 715

714. Chief Pierre Panyouasas & 715. Marianne ? [Can, MS] {&762&794&970, &763&795&971}

Pierre, born in the LA Terr.
Marianne, born in Quebec, Canada. (S) Love’s Legacy, P165. [She could be an Indian daughter of a French Canadian.]
9/10/1710, Marie Suzanne baptism: “On 10 September 1710 was baptized a Panouacha slave, about 3 years old, who belongs to the Chief of the Apalaches, and who was named Marie Suzanne by the said Chief and his wife.” /s/ Alexandre Huve. (S) SRAoM, #121. Even if this is not Marie357, [its possible, but she would have had Jean178 at ~12 years old,] it documents the use of the names Marie and Suzanne for Indian girls. From the same source, other commonly found names for baptized Indians include Joseph, Marguerite, Pierre, Michel, Jeanne, Marianne, ….

Family notes:
• Pierre a Chief of the Conchates tribe. (S) Love’s Legacy, P165.
• (S) Jan. 1805 entry of William Clark: A list of the names of the different nations and tribes of Indians ... expressive of the names, languages, numbers, trade, water courses. … A large chart listing 72 tribes with parallel columns giving various data. … are Louisialla tribes rather than Missouri and Rocky Mountain Indians. … Alabama, …, Biloxi, …, Cherokee, Choctaw, …, Conchates, …
• Note that Jean350, the husband of Marie, is also from Qu├ębec, and that “Pany” is a family name. Jean350 and Marianne are both from Canada. Jean’s young wife is documented as an Indian daughter of a chief that went by the name Suzanne [see wedding 1727]. Her name of Suzanne is highly unlikely unless related to Jean’s 1st wife – the only Suzanne known to be around at the time.

Children of Pierre and Marianne:

i. Marie Suzanne ( 357), born ~1706.
9/10/1710, Marie baptized. (S) Family notes.

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