Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Cox 8546

8546. Roger Cotton {Cox}

Roger of “Wardville, Berkshire”.
Bef. 1509, “To Roger Cotton, knight, master of the queen’s house, for ... To Roger Cotton, for divers necessaries furnished by him towards the coronation of the lady.” (S) Materials for a History of the Reign of Henry VII, Campbell, 1873, P84.
1544-47, “Roger Cotton, gentleman, v. John Goldwell, gentleman.: Action for price of barley already tendered.” (S) UKNA.
(S) Historic Homes and Institutions and Genealogical and Personal Memoirs of Worcester County [MA], Ellery Crane, 1907, P248.

Family notes:
• The Cotton family is large and diverse at this time. Roger is likely the son of Clement or Roger, but possibly one of several other Cotton’s living about this time. There is a match in that Berkshire was the location of a primary royal castle. The Roger that was likely his father was an Admiral that participated in the wars with Ireland.
• 1475-76, “Escheator: Roger Cotton, Escheatry: Yorks.” (S) UKNA.
• 1491-92, “Parties to Indenture: Indentures retaining the following to serve in the king's invasion of France. Roger Cotton, kt.” (S) UKNA.
• 1532-58, “William Cotton, husbandman, grandson and heir of Roger Cotton. v. Thomas Karington, alias Carton, and Robert Gostwyk, gentleman.: Sale of a messuage and land at Brome in Southill, pending a suit against the said Karington.: Bedford.”

Children of Roger and ?:

i. Margaret Cotton (4273), born ~1510 in Warville Berks, England.