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Monday, April 19, 2010

Mounger 268 Arrington-Whitmell

268. Thomas Arrington & 269. Mary Whitmell

~1690, Thomas born in VA; s/o 536. John Arrington & 537. Ann Majour.
~1690, Mary born in VA; d/o 538. Thomas Whitmell & 539. Mary ?.
2/2/1728, Thomas obtained 300 acres of land in Edgecomb County, NC.
5/8/1730, Thomas purchased land in Bertie Co., NC.
8/1733, Thomas and Mary sold the Edgecombe Co. land to John Parnham.
Bef. 2/11/1744, Thomas died. (S) Executors working on estate.

Children of Thomas and Mary:

i. Thomas Arrington (No. 134), born 1716 in VA.

ii. Whitmell Harrington, born ~1717 in VA.
Whitmell married Jannett Shaw.
1/9/1745, Whitmell wrote his will naming his brother Thomas as executor.
Bef. 8/28/1746, Whitmell died. (S) Will proved.