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Monday, May 10, 2010

Sir William Knyvet & Alice Grey

184688. Sir William Knyvet & 184689. Alice Grey    

1440, William Knevyt born in Norfolk, England, only surviving s/o 369376. John Knevit & 369377. Alice Lynne.

~1440, Alice born in Leicestershire, England, d/o 369378. Sir John Grey & 369379. Elizabeth ?.

11/1460, John and son William seized Buckenham Castle.

~1460, William married Alice.

3/4/1461, Edward IV succeeded as King of England.

10/1461, John and son William removed from the keeping of Buckenham Castle.

12/1461, John and William allowed liscense to Buckenham Castle.

4/1462, John and William pardoned for prior offenses.

1469-70, William and his father supported the Earl of Warwick in his takeover for Henry VI.

10/3/1470, Henry VI succeeded as King of England.

4/11/1471, Edward IV retook the throne as King of England.

12/1471, William pardoned by Edward IV for his support of Warwick.

4/4/1474, Alice died. (S) Brass at Buckenham, Norfolk.

[––William & Joan Stafford ––]

1475, William knighted.

William married 2nd Joan Stafford, d/o Humphrey, 1st Duke of Buckingham, divorced wife of William Beaumont. [3 sons.]

11/20/1476, Release by Edmund Hungerford, knight, …, to John duke of Suffolk and Elizabeth duchess …, and William Knyvet, knights, Richard Fowler, Humphrey Forster, …, Edmund Knyvet, son of the said William Knyvet, …, of their right in the manors of Claxton and Helghton, co. Norfolk, and in the manors of Frostenden and Cretyng St. Olave, co. Suffolk, … (S) Ancient Deeds, V5, 1906, A.10956.

1477, And. Jenney, presented to the church of Hphall manor by Sir William Knyvet, and Joan, daughter of of Hump. Duke of Bucks. (S) Hist. of Norfolk, V7, 1807, Cantley.

11/3/1478, Petition of Joan and of William Knyvet, knight, of the diocese of Norwich. A certain canon of St. Davids, acting as a judge sub-delegate, proceeded to the execution … the said William Beamond proved that he had contracted marriage with the said Joan through fear, promulgated a sentence of divorce between them, which became a res judicata; and that she afterwards contracted marriage per verba legitime de presenti with the said William Knyvet. (S) Lateran Regesta, V13, 1955, 788.

2/11/1480, Pardon to ... John Knyvet, esquire, William Knyvet, knight, Elizabeth Knyvet, ... John Paston, esquire, of all ... without licence of ... Bukkenham Castell, ... co. Norfolk ... Buxworth, co. Cambridge, ... (S) CPRs.

1480-83, “…William Knyvet, knight, late sheriff of Norfolk.: …”. (S) UKNA.

1/20/1483, Thomas Howard and William Knyvet represented Norfolk at parliament. (S) Parliament Rolls, 2005.

4/9/1483, Edward V succeeed as King of England, age 12. [Likely murdered in the following June by Richard III.]

6/22/1483, Richard III succeeded as King of England.

1483, William supported Henry, 2nd Duke of Buckingham against Richard III. [For this he was “attained”.]

8/1485, Sir William and his Lady presented John Colet to the Rectory of Denington in Suffolk.

8/22/1485, William, fighting for Henry Tudor, Earl of Richmond [King Henry VII], at the battle of Bosworth in Leicestershire. Henry Tudor, Earl of Richmond, after invading southwest Wales, raised an army of 5,000. Richard III was allied with the Duke of Norfolk and the Earl of Northumberland and an army of 10,000. The Yorkist were overwhelmed. King Richard III and the Duke of Norfolk both were killed. [For his service William’s attainder was reversed.]

8/22/1485, Henry VII succeeded Richard III as King of England.

[––William & Joan Courtenay ––]

Bef. 10/8/1489, William married 3rd Joan Courtney, widow of Sir Roger Clifford. [No children.]

1/25/1490, Writ for IPM of John Knyvet, esq. … Alice his wife, who survives, with remainder to his heirs. … He died 1 Jan. last, seised of the under-mentioned manor in fee. William Knyvet, knt., aged 50 and more, is his son and heir. Norf.: Manor of West Bradenham, worth £4 … Suff.: Manor of Mendelesham, worth £20 … Camb.: Manor and advowson of Boxworthworth 40s  … Hunt.: Manor of Hamerton worth 100s … (S) CIsPM

5/10/1490, IPM of Robert Clifton, knt, who had issue Thomas Clifton, esq., who had issue the said Robert Clifton, knt., named in the writ, who died without issue male, whereby the issue male of the said Adam de Clifton the son failed, and the said hundred ought to revert and remain to William Knyvet, knt., as cousin and heir of the said Adam de Clifton the father, viz. son of John, son of Elizabeth, daughter of Constantine, son of John, son of Constantine, son of the said Adam de Clifton the father the elder. The said William Knyvet, knt., is aged 50 and more. (S) CIsPM. [William inherited The hundred of Frebrigge, Norfolk, worth 5 marks.]

6/20/1498, Inquisition after the death of the [Maud Stanhope] lady Willoughby, … being neice and heir of Raph lord Crumwell, lord treasurer of England, … William Knivet, knight, then aged 56 years, and William Fitz-Williams, esq; aged 7 years, were found her cousins and heirs of the manor of Crumwell. (S) Hist. of Nottingham, V3, 1796, Crumwell.

1498-1500, “Sir William Knyvet, knight, son of John, son of Elizabeth, daughter of Constantine, son of Elizabeth, sister of Rauf, father of Rauf, late lord Cromwell; and William Fitzwilliam, son of John, son of William, son of William, son of John, son of John, son of Maud, another sister of the said Rauf. v. Juliane Churchestyle, widow, cousin and heir to William [Waynflete], bishop of Winchester, feoffee to uses.: The manors of Hetherset and other land.: [Norfolk].”. (S) UKNA.

2/1501, Joan died. (S) IPM of Joan late the wife of William Knyvet, knight, (S) CIsPM.


10/20/1502, IPM of Robert Thorp. … Henry Colett, knight, and citizen of London, William Knyvet, knight, William Paston, esquire, …, were seised of the manor called ‘le Grounge’ [Norfolk] in fee … (S) CIsPM.

1/20/1504, IPM of Maud Willoughby, widow, Lady Willoughby. She died 30 August, 13 Henry VII, seised in fee of the under-mentioned manor, which on her death descended to William Knyvett (184688), knight, and William Fitz William, esquire, as her kinsmen and heirs, to wit, to William Knyvett as son of John (369376), son of Elizabeth (738753), daughter of Constantine (1477506), daughter of Elizabeth (2955013) wife of John Clyfton, knight, one of the daughters and heirs of Ralph Cromwell (5910026), knight, father of Ralph, father of Maud wife of William Stannop, knight, the mother of the said Maud, lady Willoughby, and to William Fitz Willyam as son of John, son of William, son of William, son of John, son of John (475384), son of Maud, the other daughter of Ralph Cromwell aforesaid. William Knyvett is 60 years of age and more. William Fitz William is 13 years of age and more, and is in the king’s wardship by reason of other lands held of the king in chief which he has inherited

10/17/1505, Charter confirming livery at the special request of William Knyvet knight, son and heir of John Knyvette deceased, of Mendilsham manor co. Suffolk, which Henry Colette lately held together with … all deceased, by gift of the said John Knyvette and William Knyvette esquires, …; to be held to the same uses and intentions as by the previous feoffees. (S) CCRs.

4/21/1509, Henry VIII succeeded Henry VII as King of England.

7/1/1512, Sir William Knyvet. Livery of lands as kinsman and one of the heirs of Matilda Willoughby, widow; viz., daughter of John, son of Elizabeth, daughter of Constantina, daughter of Elizabeth, wife of John Clyston, a daughter of Matilda, wife of Ralph Crumwell, mother of the "said" Ralph, father of the said Matilda. (S) L&Ps, F&D, Henry VIII, V1, 1920.

9/18/1514, William wrote his will.

12/2/1515, William died.

(S) Magna Carta Ancestry, P394. (S) Hist. of Norfolk, V1, 1805, Old-Bukenham.

Children of William and Alice: [3 daughters.]

i. Edmund Knyvet (92344), born 1462 in England. [Heir]

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