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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Edmund Borden & Margaret ?

62784. Edmund Borden & 62785. Margaret ?   

4/13/1480, Edmund christened in Headcorn, Kent, England.

1503 in Headcorn, Edmund married Margaret “of Edward”.

1531, Edmund’s father died – he is not named in the will. In early English wills the eldest son is seldom named because as heir, under the common law of England, he inherited by primogeniture, land not being generally devisable. In Kent, almost all of the land was held by the custom of Gavelkind.

4/13/1539, Edmund wrote his will [abstract]: I, Edmund Borden of Hedcorn in the Shire of Kent.  To be buried in the churchyard of Hedcorn. To two priests at my burial and to the poor 20s.  To my daughter Joan £5, to be paid to Rauff Champ to her use.  To Maryon, my daughter, £5, to be paid to John Lytle to her use, at the age of twenty years, if they be not married before, or at their marriage.  To Margaret, Alice, and Julyan, my daughters, £5 each, at their ages of twenty years or at their  marriages.  If any of my daughters die under twenty, unmarried, their legacies are to go to my sons then living.  To Margaret, my wife.  Residue of my goods to Edward, John, and William, my sons, equally.  If my wife is pregnant with a woman child, I give to that child £5.  Executors: Thomas Madocke and John Phylyke.

Bef. 6/18/1539, Edmund died; will proved. (S) Archdeaconry of Canterbury Vol. XXI, Section 9, folio 209.

Aft. 6/18/1539, Margaret died.

Family notes:

·         Edmund was likely s/o William Borden, of Headcorn, who can also be found on the list of those paying taxes to King Henry VIII. He was born after 1450. He died at Headcorn in 1531. In his will William requested to be buried within the Church of Our Lady between his wives Joan and Thamasine. His will mentioned his living wife Rose. Not all researchers agree, but he appears to have been the father of Edmund Borden, who many think was the son of Thamasine. His father was John.

·         John Borden, of Headcorn, County Kent, England, wrote a will 4/26/1469. He requested to be buried in the churchyard of St. Peter and St. Paul. The will names his deceased parents and grandparents for whom he asked that “an honest priest” be paid to sing in Headcorn church for their souls for two years. His father was Thomas.

·         Thomas Borden, yeoman, was of the Parish of Headcorn, co. Kent. He married Isabel. In 1450 Thomas joined in an uprising known as Jack Cade's Rebellion in which practically every man in Kent participated. The whole rebellion lasted little about two months and included a battle against King Henry VI’s troops on London Bridge. Their demands for certain reforms in government were given serious consideration, but not fully implemented for many years. Thomas and Isabel died before 1469. His father was Henry.

·         Henry Borden, born in the 1370's, was the first Borden to live at Headcorn, co. Kent. He was undoubtedly a descendant of the Borden’s of Borden, a village about 12 miles from Headcorn. Even if Edmund Borden, born 1480, was not the son of William as mentioned previously, Henry was still the oldest known ancestor.

Children of Edmund and Margaret: [8 children]

i. William Burden (31392), born 1510 in England.

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