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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Bond 118846

118846. Sir William Fitzwilliam & 118847. Anne Hawes {Bond}

~1455, William born in England, s/o 237692. John Fitz William & 237693. Helen Villiers.

Anne born in England, d/o 237694. John Hawes.

1506, William purchased Milton manor.

1506, William Sheriff of London.

1514, William Sheriff of Essex.

1515, William Sheriff of Northants.

1518, William, knt., of London; Gaynes Park, Essex; and Milton, Northamptonshire.

William, Master of the Merchant Taylor’s Company, London; Merchant of the Staple of Calais.

1521, William wrote a letter to Cardinal Wosley: “Please it your Grace the Frenshe King tolde me how my Lord of Bukkyngham was in the Towre, and asked me and I Herde of it: and I sayed naye. …” [Note William had been in conversation with the French king.] (S) Original Letters, Illustrative of English History, Ellis, 1825, P177.

8/29/1525, William, treasurer of the household; John Hales, baron of the exchequer, … met at Guisnes and produced the “booke of newe Ordenaunces and decreis for the Countye of Guisnes” [location of Calcais, France.]

William married 2nd Mildred Sackville. [3 sons, 2 daughters.]

William married 3rd Jane Ormond. [No children.]

1529, William a legatee of his cousin Maud Green, “Dame Maude Parr”, coheir of Sir Thomas Green & Jane Fogg; wife of Sir Thomas Parr. [Maud the mother of Queen Catherine Parr, wife of Henry VIII.]

1530, William hosted the fallen-from-grace Cardinal Wosley at his Milton manor.

1533, by deed William settled 1,200 marks on the Merchants’Taylor Company for religious use.

5/28/1534, William wrote his will. (S) The Peerage of England, Collins, V5, P272.

8/9/1534, William died in London; buried at Marholm, Northamptonshire.

(S) Magna Carta Ancestry, P350. (S) 1563 Visitation of Yorkshire.

Children of William and Anne: [2 sons, 2 daughters.]

i. Anne Fitzwilliam (59423), born ~1500 in England.

ii. Elizabeth Fitzwilliam, born ? in England.
Elizabeth married Sir Thomas Brudenell.

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