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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Bond 156210 & 156211

156210. William de Aslacton & 156211. Amice ? {Bond}

~1330, William born in England, s/o 312420. Simon de Aslacton.

William, while still a minor, inherited the lands of his cousin John, also a minor and the heir of the family.

1364, William mentioned in the IPM of William Deyncourt: “… William de Aslakton and the abbot of Welbek held …”

1376, William de Aslacton recovered his seisin by Assize and Jury of the manor of Toralston, called Aslocton’s manor, against Robert Barry …

~1377, William died.

1391, Amice mentioned in connection with the goods of John Tropet of Torlaston after a murder in the village.

(S) Genealogical memoirs of the kindred families of Thomas Cranmer, archbishop, Waters, 1877. (S) 1614 Visitation of Nottingham.

Child of William and Amice:

i. Isabel de Aslacton (78105), born bef. 1377 in England.

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