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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Lord William de Aslacton & Amice ?

156210. Lord William de Aslacton & 156211. Amice ?   

~1335, William born in Aslacton, Norfolk, England, s/o 312420. Simon de Aslacton.

By 1353, William, while still a minor, inherited the lands of his cousin John, also a minor and the heir of the family.

~1355, Amice born in England.

1364, William mentioned in the IPM of William Deyncourt: “… William de Aslakton and the abbot of Welbek held …”

~1373, William married Amice.

1376, William de Aslacton recovered his seisin by Assize and Jury of the manor of Toralston, called Aslocton’s manor, against Robert Barry …

~1377, William died.

1391, Amice mentioned in connection with the goods of John Tropet of Torlaston after a murder in the village.

(S) Genealogical memoirs of the kindred families of Thomas Cranmer, archbishop, Waters, 1877. (S) 1614 Visitation of Nottingham.

Child of William and Amice:

i. Isabel de Aslacton (78105), born bef. 1377 in Aslacton, Norfolk, England.

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