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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Bond 237636 & 237637

237636. Walter Mervyn & 237637. Mary Mountpenson {Bond}

~1460, Walter born in England, s/o 475272. John Mervyn & 475273. Joan ?.

~1460, Mary born in Mountpenson, England, d/o 475274. John Mountpenson & 475275. Isabel Drewe.

Walter 1st married Joan ? [no children.]

Walter 2nd married Mary.

9/18/1500, John Mountpenson wrote his will; to his “son Walter Mervyn my russet gowne furred with old marterne, one of my dowbelettes of silk, and to my dowghtr his wife iit. Goblettes with a couryng, and to hir xlr and the dettes that they owe me.”

4/1/1509, Walter settled the manors of Fountel-Gifford and Farnehyll in trust for Elizabeth, relict of his son John Mervyn deceased, if she continue sole ; with remainder to John Mervyn their son, …

11/20/1510, Walter wrote his will.

7/12/1512, Walter, Esq., died; possessed of the manors of Founthel-Giffard and Farnehyll in fee.

(S) The Gentleman’s Magazine, 1822, P318, Amorial Decorations at Fonthill Abbey. (S) Fasciculus Mervinensis, notes historical, genealogical …, Drake, 1873, P9.

Child of Walter and Mary: [2 sons, 3 daughters]

i. John Mervyn (118818), born ~1480 in England. [Eldest son.]

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