Saturday, May 15, 2010

G18: 237676

237676. Sir Edward Norreys & 237677. Frideswide Holand {Bond}

Genealogical Memoirs of Various Families of Tomkinson (1620-1904)

~1465, Edward born in England, d/o 475352. Sir William Norreys & 475353. Jane Vere.

~1470, Frideswide born in England, coheir & d/o 475354. John, Lord Lovel and Holland & 475355. Joan Beaumont.

Edward of Yattenden castle, Berks.

6/16/1487, Edward fought with his father at the battle of Stoke Field; where he was knighted. (S) The Knights of England, 1906. The Yorkist army of about 8000 attacked from high ground, but were tired from forced marches and had poor armor. As a result, most of the Yorkist commanders were killed. Many of those fighting were German, Irish and Swiss mercenaries.

Edward died soon after the battle.

(S) Genealogical Memoirs of Various Families, Tomkinson, 1904, P38. (S) Peerage of England, Collins, P344.

Child of Edward and Frideswide:

i. Sir Henry Norreys (118838), born by 1487 in England.

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