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Sunday, May 16, 2010

G18: 237688

237688. Sir Philip Cooke & 237689. Elizabeth Belknap

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1452, Philip born in England, heir & s/o 475376. Thomas Cooke & 475377. Elizabeth Malpas.

~1455, Elizabeth born in England, coheir & d/o 475378. Henry Belknap & 475379. Margaret Knolles.

6/28/1461, Edward IV crowned king of England.

4/26/1469, Philip left 100 marks in his maternal grandfather’s will.

10/13/1470, Henry VI restored to the throne. [Philip’s father Thomas was a Yorkist.]

4/1471, Philip with his father Thomas attempted to leave for France. They were captured on a ship and returned to the Tower.

1475-1485, Philip Cook, son of Thomas Cook, knight, and Elizabeth, his wife. v. George, son of Thomas, brother of Sir Ralph Joslen, knight, deceased [Philip’s uncle married to the sister of Elizabeth].: Manor of Chaldwell, and houses and land in London and Southwark, late of Philip Malpas [maternal grandfather], of London, merchant.: Essex, London, Surrey. (S) UKNA.

4/15/1478, Philip named heir and an executor in the will of his father.

By 6/1478, Philip’s father died.

4/9/1483, Edward V became king of England on the death of his father.

7/6/1483, Richard III crowned king of England.

1484, Philip’s brother John named heir in the will of their mother.

1485, Philip quitclaimed property in Colchester, Essex inherited from his father.

10/30/1485, Henry VII crowned king of England.

1486, “John Foster, esquire v. Philip Coke, esquire, son and executor of Thomas Coke, knight.: Money matters.” (S) UKNA, Kew.

1486, Philip age 34, heir to his brother John; inheriting the manors of Appleton, Belhouse, and Chadwell.

1497, Sir Philip Coke, son and heir of Thomas Cook and tenant of nearly 900 acres owed 4s. rent. [Philip maintained a country house in Essex and one in London.]

6/17/1497, Philip at the battle of Blackheath in Kent; Ill-armed Cornish men from Devon and Somerset were commanded by James Touchet, Lord Audeley of Heleigh. The small army chanced upon King Henry VII’s 10,000 men organized for an invasion of Scotland under Lord Daubeney. About 200 of the Cornish men were killed, many had already fled prior to the battle.

1497, Philip, of Gidea Hall, knighted [for his service at the battle of Blackheath.]

Philip elected JOP for Havering.

9/1497, Philip attacked Thomas Elrington, the collector, who had ordered goods of those owing rent to be seized. Philip was fined £5 for the attack. [Philip later exhibited threatening behavior again towards Elrington and was fined another 5£. Elrington was withdrawn from Havering.]

1500, Philip had ~14 manorial tenants paying rents amounting to £4 19s. 1d.

1502, Sir Philip Cooke leased the manor of Magadlen Laver for 5 years to John King at an annual rent of £12 5s.

12/7/1503, Philip died.

3/6/1504, Elizabeth died.

(S) Magna Carta Ancestry, P797. (S) Magdalen Laver: Manor, A History of the County of Essex: V4: 1956. (S) Autonomy and Community: The Royal Manor of Havering, McIntosh, 2002, P65.

Family notes:
• 1504-1515, John, son and heir of Philip Cooke, knight, son of Thomas Cooke, knight. v. Alice Trewthale, prioress of Great St. Helens.: Refusal to grant a new lease of houses in place of an old one surrendered by the said Philip. (S) UKNA.

Children of Philip and Elizabeth:

i. John Cooke (118844), born ~1475 in England.

ii. Beatrice Cooke, born ? in England.

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