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Friday, May 21, 2010

Lord Christopher Martyn Esq. & Edith ?

475312. Lord Christopher Martyn Esq. & 475313. Edith ?   

1467, Christopher born in Dorset, England, heir & s/o 950624. Sir William Martyn & 950625. Isolda Farringdon.

Christopher 1st married Christine, d/o John Cheverell of Chantmarle, Dorset.

[––Christian & Edith––]

Christopher married 2nd Edith.

8/22/1485, Henry VII succeeded Richard III as King of England.

5/18/1490, Manor of Normanton, 30a. land, … [Wilts.] demised by John Trenchard, and Margery his wife, to William Martyn, William Basket, Christopher Martyn, and Thomas Moleyns. (S) 10/21/1495, IPM of John Trenchard, knt.

1499, Christopher, Collector of Customs and Subsidies in Poole. [Held by his father in 1476.]

1/14/1503, Christopher succeeded his father.

10/28/1507, IPM of William Martyn, Knight. Isolda late the wife of William Martyn, knight, was seised in fee of the manors of Tyncleden and Wynterbourne Germyn [Dorset] at the time of her marriage to the said William. They had issue Christopher Martyn, and after Isolda’s death William held himself in the manors for life by the courtesy of England. Also at the time of his death the said William was seised in fee of the manor of Athelhampston &c., and lands &c. in Brodewey. All the foregoing descended to Christopher Martyn, son and heir of William and Isolda aforesaid, who is seised thereof in fee. (S) CIsPM.

4/21/1509, Henry VIII succeeded Henry VII as King of England.

Christopher built the west wing of the Great Chamber at Athelhampton, Dorset.

Bef. 1524, Christopher’s son and heir Thomas died, leaving his son Robert, born 1507, as the heir.

3/22/1524, Christopher, esq., died; buried at Piddletown, Dorset, St. Mary’s. Christopher held Athelhampton of the Prior of Christchurch Twynham and the Manor of Tincleton. (S) Brass from St. Mary’s. [Here lieth the body of Christopher Martyn Esquier, Son and heir unto Sir William Martyn Knight.]

5/10/1525, Will of Christopher Martyn of Puddletown, Dorset. (S) UKNA. [Of Puddell Athlampton … to be buried in the sepulchre in Puddletown in the Chapel of St Mary Magdalene where his wife Christian was buried … bequests to the sons of his son Thomas: John Martyn and Henry Martyn … bequest to daughter of Thomas, Eleyn … Robert son of his son, his heir apparent inherits the manor of Athlampton … provision for his marriage … daughter Johane, provision for marriage … present wife Edith who is named sole executrix.]

(S) Proc. of the Nat. Hist. and Antiq. Field Club, 1902, P198.

Child of Christopher and Edith:

i. Thomas Martyn (237656), born ~1487 in Dorset, England.

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