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Saturday, May 22, 2010

G19: 475376

475376. Sir Thomas Cooke & 475377. Elizabeth Malpas {Bond}

~1410, Thomas born in Ireland.

~1430, Elizabeth, born in England, d/o 950754. Philip Malpas & 950755. Julian Beaumond.

Thomas served in the French wars.

6/26/1450, Philip Malpas, a Lancastrian, dismissed as alderman of London by insurrectioners, one being Thomas Cooke, draper and agent of Jack Cade, a Yorkist [and in reality John Mortimer under an assumed name]. Thomas was required to tax foreign merchants for equipment and 1000 marks. [Which Thomas apparently acquired.]

Aft. 7/1450, Thomas married Elizabeth, acquiring Appletons manor in Chigwell, and “belle hous”.

1453, Thomas, Mayor of London.

1456, Thomas, alderman of the Vintry Ward of London.

6/28/1461, Edward IV crowned at Westminster.

1462-3, Thomas Mayor of London.

5/1465, Thomas created Knight of the Order of the Bath at the coronation of Elizabeth, Queen of Edward IV. (S) History of Ramford in 1863 Whites Directory.

1467, Guidea Hall started by Thomas; a license obtained for a park and castle. [The wars of the roses prevented Sir Thomas from completing the mansion, finished by his grandson.]

1467, Thomas impeached for high treason [having several years before refused to loan the crown money.] He was allowed to make bail by Margaret, sister of the king.

1468, John Bataille mortgaged the manor of Magdalen Laver to Sir Thomas Cooke for £200. Soon afterwards Thomas became owner of the estate. (S) Magdalen Laver: Manor, A History of the County of Essex: V4: 1956.

By 11/1468, Margaret left England to marry Charles, Duke of Burgandy; and Thomas removed as alderman; again arrested and taken to the Tower. [He was acquitted, but fined £8000 to the king and £800 to the Queen.]

4/26/1469, Elizabeth in her father’s will left 500 marks of the 1000 Sir Thomas owed him. Philip left 100 marks to each of the 4 sons of Thomas and Elizabeth. Thomas and Elizabeth were also left most of the land and business holdings of Philip.

10/1469, Thomas reinstated as alderman of London.

11/26/1470, Henry IV temporarily back in power, Thomas requested parliament restore his property and funds.

4/11/1471, Edward IV entered London and took King Henry prisoner.
4/1471, Thomas attempted to leave with his son for France. They were captured on a ship and returned to the Tower.[Thomas apparently only suffered fines because he died with vast land holdings.]

1475-78, … given by complainant and Sir Thomas Cooke, knight, prisoner at the king's commandment, that the said Sir Thomas and his co-feoffees Ralph Josselyn, knight, and Thomas Urswyke, knight, … (S) UKNA.

4/15/1478, Thomas wrote his will; ‘to be buried within the Church of the friers Augustines, set within Bradstreet Ward of London.’ He named sons Philip, John & William [neither yet 24], wife Elizabeth, and married daughter Johanne.

Bef. 6/1/1478, Thomas of Gidea Hall, Magdalen Laver, Appletons, Belhouse and Chaldwell; Essex, died.

6/24/1483, The Duke of Buckingham [Sir Henry Stafford] at Guildhall in London in support of Richard’s claim to the throne talked about the injuries that Sir Thomas Cooke had received at the hands of the previous king.

1484, Elizabeth died, leaving son John as heir.

(S) A History of the County of Essex, V4, 1956. (S) Magna Carta Ancestry, P797. (S) Trans. of the London and Middlesex Arch. Soc., 1870, PP285-307.

Family notes:
• “Philip Malpas and Thomas Cooke lived in times of great political strife, and it would seem entertained widely different political opinions: both witnessed the commencement of the fatal contentions between the rival houses of York and Lancaster.”
• 1475-1485, John Coke, gentleman, son of dame Elizabeth, late the wife of Sir Thomas Coke, knight, and daughter of Philip Malpas, late citizen and draper of London. v. Master William Dunthorn, clerk of the city of London.: Deeds relating to the manor of Chaldewell and advowson of the church, deposited with defendant by Sir Ralph Joslyn, knight, late husband of Philippa, daughter of the said Philip Malpas.: Essex. (S) UKNA.

Children of Thomas and Elizabeth:

i. Philip Cooke (237688), born 1452 in England.

ii. John Cooke, born aft. 1454 in England. [Heir to his mother]
1486, John died, leaving his brother Philip as his heir.

iii. Johanne Cooke, born ? in England.
Johanne married John Forster.

iv. William Cooke, born ? in England.
1480-83, William, third son of Thomas Cook, knight. v. Thomas Rigby, surviving feoffee to uses.: Tenement in Colchester; fishing weirs between St. Osyes and Colchester; tenements between the forth of Stratford Bowe and Stratford Longthorn in Westham; messuage in Estham.: Essex. (S) UKNA.

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