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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Bond 475380

475380. William Saunders {Bond}

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~1420, William born in England.

4/2/1441, Feoffment by T. Offtchirche … and John Grynder (of Coventry, weavers) with … the witnesses being John Bristowe, …, William Saunders, John Bradley et al … (S) UKNA.

1452-54, John Bruyn v. William Saunders, of Banbury.: Goods intrusted to defendant: [Oxford]. (S) UKNA.

1460-65, William Saunders, woolman, of Banbury. v. John Crosby, grocer, of London.: Feigned actions of debt, &c. to avoid payment of a debt: (petition for writ of `corpus cum causâ').: London. (S) UKNA.

1/20/1465, “Feoffment … to … William Saunders, … of the lands, &c. in the borough of Agmondesham ….” (S) A Desc. Catalogue of Ancienct Deeds in the Public Record Office, 1902, P422.

1468, William Saunders mayor of Coventry.

5/21/1473, Quitclaim by William Saunders to John Beaufitz of all his right and title in all his lands and tenements with appurtenances in Fennycompton, except those lands and tenements formerly belonging to Thomas Beaufitz his father, and to Thomas Fryday and John Derby, … (S) UKNA.

2/5/1474, a record shows that “Spini must pay £2,000 to Richard Lumbard, William Saunders, …”. (S) progress and problems in Medieval England, Miller, 1996, P280. [The same record shows that William Saunders of Banbury bought wool: “79 sacks 24 nails”.]

9/12/1474, William, as a “late mayor” of Coventry, testified in a case George Burneby vs. William Briscowe. (S) Warwickshire deeds in the Harvard Law School collection, Deed 376.

William, a Banfury Merchant, wrote his will; his son William his heir; to be buried at Trinity in Banbury church, bequeaths 20s. “ad reparacionem crucis lapidie situate ante tenementum meum super Barkehyll”. (S) Hampshire Record Office, 43 M. 48/54; Oxon. Wills, 47–48.

1478, William died.

(S) Banbury: Economic history, A History of the County of Oxford: V10, 1972, pp. 49-71.

Child of William and ?:

i. William Saunders (237690), born ~1445 in England.

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